I’m supposed to be taking it easy this weekend.  No long bicycle rides.  No big time exercise.  Just chill.

Does anyone realize how hard this is going to be?  My brain is constantly on fire with, “go! Go! Go! Go!”  I don’t know the first thing about slowing down.  I am at a favorite cafe and just slammed a large latte.

It felt relaxing, for the three minutes it took me to drink it.  I suppose ingesting caffeine at 6pm at night is also not a way to chill out.

My brain keeps leaping into Marin.  I should be heading up some hills or working on keeping my cadence even or just simply getting in the saddle.  But, the big event is next weekend and it has been suggested to take the weekend off.  I know this is akin to tapering (resting the muscles to improve performance before an event) and I understand the reasoning for it, but I don’t want to taper, I don’t want to take it easy.  I want to go!

And rationally that makes absolutely no sense.  I am about to embark on a 546 mile journey that will take me 7 days to complete.  Not doing a big training ride the weekend before makes perfect sense.  But I am no rational creature, am I?

I’ve got movies queued up in my Netflix, I’ve got relatives visiting tomorrow, I’ve got hair to be colored and cut, I’ve got laundry to do.  These things can be restful, right?  The movies will be restful.  I know that much, maybe not much else.

Although I will definitely be getting in another trip to Kabuki Springs this Sunday.  It only took me 3/4’s of the biking season to actually use it.  With my registration in the Aids Life Cycle I get free entry.  I had no idea how nice it would be.  So I’ll be sneaking in another soak. That too will be restful.

I can and have sat silent and meditative.  I have taken down time.  I am capable.  I think I’m talking myself into this, aren’t I?

Part of the discomfort, or dis-ease, if you will, is that I have a three day weekend and not enough planned to do.  I feel like I have too much down time, and too much down time usually makes me squirrely.  I like to hustle and bustle and move and shake.

Maybe I won’t even ride my bike at all this weekend.  Nah.  Resting is one thing, but walking is quite another!

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