Cut and Color


Just kicking it in Calvin’s living room waiting to get some color slapped on my head.  Last night I came over and he cut my hair short again.  I know, you’re wondering how much shorter it could really go, but you would be surprised.  It is officially short, short, short.  And shaved, shaved, shaved.  Their are parts of my head that have never seen the sun until today.

My, my head is white!

Calvin is going to color up what is left on top, a spiky little faux hawk, after he finishes up the hair cut he’s got going on in the kitchen.  I love getting my hair cut with him.  The conversation is always fun, he makes me a latte, there’s great music on the Ipod and the view is stunning.  Last night he shaved the main part of my head from his roof top.

Not only did it save him time, no sweeping up hair from the floor, but what a stunning view.  I think I can safely say I may be one of the few people in the world who have had a hair cut with the view I got to take in from my chair.  Stunning San Francisco sunset with marbled blue skies, and inky clouds of fog settling over the Marin hills, the sweep of the Bay and the bright lights of cars swirling over the Golden Gate bridge.  Calvin lives on the top of Nob Hill, guess where I will be for Fourth of July.

Tonight will be my last color before I go on the Aids Life Cycle ride.  The plan is to match my hair to the jersey I’m going to start out the ride in–magenta with hot pink highlights.  It will look fantastic.  We did a practice run three weeks ago and it was pretty spectacular.  I love what my friend Joan said when she saw the cut, I looked like my own version of a super hero.

Captain Carmen to the rescue!  Able to ride steep hills in a gear greater than she even thought possible.  Capable of bombing hills at up to 45 miles per hour, don’t try this at home kids!  She rides in rain, fog, sleet, wind, hot sun, and cold nights.  Look for her in a neighborhood near you, you’ll know her by the shocking pink hair.


Well, it’s time.  Here we g0.  Punk rock porno.

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