Just Another Day in San Francisco


I have been musing about the day I had last Friday.  I have also been procrastinating on writing about it, but the little devil keeps popping up.  I figure I better write about it before it is supplanted by this weeks Friday, who’s arrival is bearing down on me.

Last Friday I sat down to breakfast after getting up and making my bed and doing my morning routine.  I pulled the shades up in my studio and watched a number of cable cars trundle on by.  Occasionally a passenger would look up and catch my eye as I spooned another mouthful of kamut into my tummy (one of the notorious side effects of living in San Francisco is that you will eventually not only eat things you’ve never heard of before in your life, you will go to strange lengths to procure it at your neighborhood market).  I always feel like waving to them, but so far have restrained myself.

Although when I’m with the kids I take care of I actively encourage them to wave.  Really, what could be sweeter than an angel faced 2.5 year old waving frantically at you and jumping up and down with joy as the car goes past?

I have been flirted with, cable car operator; had my picture snapped, Japanese/Asian tourist who caught me folding my laundry, hope those panties aren’t circulating the net somewhere; I have even had a tourist ask me what’s for dinner.  Nothing of that sort happened last Friday, just watched the cars go by and got ready for work.

Rode my bike down the Polk St. Corridor and was not hit by either person on their cell phones who graciously gave me not one, but two near death experiences.  Actually, I’m beginning to believe I may just be an adrenalin junkie.  I mean every day I get to have another go at riding my bike in the city in an area, Nob Hill, that doesn’t see too many bikes, and I always have a story to tell about it.  Often times with some spicy profanity thrown in.

I digress. Ride in was fairly uneventful after Polk Street and I made good time in to work where my charge was waiting for me cheerfully waving from the top steps to her landing wearing a vintage USA cheerleading dress in patriotic red, white, and blue, and a Mexican wrestling mask.  That’s my girl!

We proceeded to have a ridiculously fun and girly day.  My other charge was away with family on vacation.  We met up with my good friend Dia and went to meet other friends in the Mission.  Hung out for about an hour and a half and then picked up Dia’s dog Archie to take into the Burning Man Head Quarters which was hosting  a “puppy potluck” going away party for one of the employees there who was sending her dog home to mom and dad so she could attend law school.  Really?  Only in SF.

Got dropped off at my charges house, paid for the week, and I popped on my bike to head downtown and be seen at the MAC Genius Bar, got a cd I was trying to import stuck in my drive.  Maybe wouldn’t have been a huge deal, I’m sure I could have popped it out, but it was my employers.  Oops.  Who should take it as a compliment that I was stealing his music onto my hard drive–hey he’s got good taste.

Left the computer there and proceeded to the Studio on Market Street to be a make up model for my friend Calvin.  Only to find out once I was in the chair, that it was glitter application night.  Whooeeee.  I looked fine.  Let me tell you, club kids everywhere were gonna be jealous.

And frankly, once made up like a tart who needs to get the itch scratched, I didn’t feel like heading home and washing off the paint.  So Cal and I hit House of Nanking and squeaked in right  before they closed.  Stuffed ourselves with Chow Mein noodles and pea sprouts and imperial rolls and pork wontons and sesame chicken.  Drool.  Then we both headed our own ways home to drop off our vehicles–he, his scooter, and I my bike.  Where upon we had agreed to rendevous at his house to slam a latte and go dancing.

I had a triple latte at 11 pm at night and we headed off to the End Up.  Where no one looked twice at my makeup.  They were too busy admiring their own selves in the mirrors.  We danced hard to Ghetto Disco for an hour and then split.  It was the oddest, funnest, strangest day, and really could only happen here.  I love my town.  I get to live in San Francisco and that just rocks.

Wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow?

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