Burning Man Quickie


I am currently ensconced at the Black Rock Saloon.  A “members” only establishment that provides services to those who are out on the playa early working and helping to set up the city for the event.

I got a shower with hot running water.  Oh, so delicious, so divine.  I am playa free for the moment.  Granted, it won’t last long, there’s a reported late afternoon of high winds about to happen, which usually equals dust storms, but for now, I feel divine.

I also have clean laundry folded and dry in my bag.  My employers stuff is currently tumbling in the dryer and I got to eat a bacon cheese burger with a big unsweetened glass of ice tea.  Life is fucking grand.

Just take away some of the amenities I am so used to and watch how they, in just days, become awesome luxuries.

I don’t have a job when I come back from Burning Man and that has kept me very much in the present.  Very much.  I am clean and fed.  I have a place to stay, and my rent’s paid for when I do get home.  I have plenty of food and water and my shelter, which would be considered the lowest, meanest of trailer trash, is a veritable haven from the elements that I could not be more grateful for.

Tonight is the infamous Ladies Night for the staff.  I am looking forward to dressing up and doing make up for a number of the burly guys on the DPW.  Last year I did make up for Steel Toe, the man responsible for building the Man himself.  Of course I had no idea who he was and stepped all over my feet when I found out.  Everyone brings something unique to the event, I happen to bring a Kaboodle full of make up and skin products.

I may feel out of place at times, but, the word gets out fast that I have nice cosmetics.  Ha!  And a talent to give hand and foot massage.  These things do not go unnoticed.

Well, will keep y’all posted, the laundry is done and there are four people waiting to use the facilities, time to go back to the playa and get dusty.

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