End of an Era


I used the last of my Rachel Perry lip gloss this week.  I have been a die-hard fan since I was seventeen and got it in my Christmas stocking.  There may be something to be said about that stocking, it was unusually full of good things.  I remember passing by the lip balm without much pause, raking through the other treats.

But it somehow found its way into my pocket and until this past week I have always carried one on my person.  That would be brand loyalty of oh, 21 years.

My first Rachel Perry gloss was Mint Tingle.  My last was Cherry Vanilla.  My favorite was Cantaloupe Moon (I was so enamoured of this flavor that I wrote a poem about it and referenced that poem and that gloss in other works).  I also adored the Coconut Banana.  The Grape, too much grapeness, but in a pinch it’d do.

And my heart was broken by Tangerine Dream.  I can still smell that gloss on Donovan’s mouth after he kissed me the first time I took acid.  And that is another blog in and of itself!

Also, Tangerine Dream is another flavor that you will find referenced in my poetry, and in a piece of art work that I did as a senior in high school.  Wonder where that got off to?

And I just realized, I have it listed in my OkCupid profile!  Which I am going to have to update, as I no longer have any.

I knew the product was going off the shelf years ago, but would always manage to stumble upon some cache or another.  Once in a little health foods store in Cole Valley.  I bought the last pot at Common Scents in Noe Valley (the owner told me they were no longer manufacturing it after I was hemming and hawing about buying what they had.  I was in denial about them actually no making the damn stuff anymore).

One time in a health food store between Hallowell, ME and Augusta.  In fact, they had so much I’m tempted to go back and check in on their supply.  I do need to go see my friend Wendy soon too.  Good idea to keep in mind, check that store!

The last time I was successful at buying it was through some weird natural pharmacy store on line.  I tried Amazon, and Overstocked, and Ebay, all sold out.

Well, not E-bay, but the asshats wanted a starting bid of $16 a pot.  Fuck you douche.  And I did consider it, but I’m not that wealthy, yet.

So I bought up a bunch of sealed gift packs from the weird store online.  And like a stupid person gave one of the four to a friend who loved the stuff too.  I am still tempted now and again to ask if she has any of the five left.  But that would be uncouth.

Also, do not listen to “friends” who tell you that you have enough lip balm to last you years.  Don’t bother spending more money on it, when you have it in spades.  Damn it, I should have bought out that online pharmacy as they’re now out of stock too and it took less than a year to go through what I had ordered.

Oh well, I guess I get to have a new adventure in lip balm.  But so far I haven’t had much success.  I have been easing into my repertoire a number of different kinds hoping to find the right one before I ran out of the Rachel Perry, but have not had a lot of success.

So, I’m looking for  a replacement.  Eos sucks, Carmex is not my style, nor blistex, or chapstick.  I’m working on a coconut lip cream from Kiss my Face that’s not bad, but not quite there.

It needs to taste good, smell good, and not get tacky on my mouth.  No medicinal flavors please.  No candy stickiness either.  Just a nice smooth gloss that keeps my lips soft and pliable.

Christ, I’m a fucking junkie.  Anybody out there finds some of this stuff, you let me know.  I’m ready to buy.

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2 Responses to “End of an Era”

  1. MT Says:

    I stumbled upon your post, I never write on blogs, but this touched me because it is my exact feelings. I’ve been using Rachel Perry Lip gloss (specifically mint tingle) for over 20 years and I have been searching to find more, like a junkie. Its so sad. 2 years ago I bought a case directly from Rachel Perry. I am on my last one now and I am savoring it. If you find some more or have found a comparable lip balm would you please let me know? Thanks.

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