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I have no idea what this blog will be about.  This blog is an effort to do the post-a-day challenge and absolutely nothing else.  This blog will succeed in it’s attempts if in approximately twenty minutes I am washed, with teeth brushed, and in bed with a down-load of Top Chef All Stars  (can anyone else say, good riddance Jaime?) having a cozy snuggle with the cats.

I am beat.  End of the week.  And on into the weekend, where I keep trying to give myself free time to laze around, but then I find ways to sabotage horribly.  Like next weekend where I have found myself picking up three additional gigs.  So, one full 50 hour week, then a six and a half hour gig after my ten hour shift on Friday, another on Saturday, and then another on Sunday.

Nanny gigs all.  Apparently I want some money.  Although I have no idea what I’m socking money away for.

Not true.  I lie.  I want a new tattoo.  It is time.  My friend Calvin and I had actually discussed this recently when I brought it up.  He said that he felt it in the air.  In fact, he had been about to ask me about my new tattoo, as in let me see what it looks like.

I want to get a dragon on my left arm to balance out the dragon on my right arm.  I also plan on covering up the two tattoos that are in existence there now.  So, yes, that’s right, I am going to get my name covered up.  There’s self-centered, and then there’s SELF CENTERED.  Plus my tattoo artist, Barnaby at Mom’s, has been itching to cover them up for a while.

I also have a tattoo of a lady bug on the left shoulder.  Neither of the pieces are actually bad works, but they are not nearly as nice as the other work I have and I know it.  And I feel like getting a tattoo, right now, god damn it.

But like a good girl, I’m holding off until March.  First, save some money.  And not even money for the tattoo.  Money for my prudent reserve which I bankrupted when I was looking for work and only had part time gigs here and there for three months.  I’m holding off until March because it’s a month with five weeks in it, so technically I could put a great chunk of money toward a tattoo at that time.

I’m also holding off, because I know myself and I’m impulsive with money.  Hell, I’m impulsive with most everything.  So, I’m training myself to ease into the big money purchases a little slower.  And to be prudent with having an emergency back up in case something happens and I need cash.

I don’t have a credit card and I refuse to get one.  Once I got out of the hellish credit card debit I had, I became adamant about never going there again.  It was damn tempting while I watched my savings dwindle down to nothing, but I did not give in and I was always taken care of.

Today I talked myself out of buying a yoga mat and a yoga bag at Rainbow.  One, they wouldn’t have fit in my bag, already full of groceries and loads of gear which I would be soon hauling around on my bike.  Two, the idea for yoga was rather an obsession in my brain today.  I really wanted to make a go of starting a Birkram yoga practice tomorrow morning at 8 am.

Did I say I was exhausted from the week?  Mmmmhmmm.  That would be how I sabotage, I shove more stuff into my schedule.  So I restrained at Rainbow and just bought the things on my list that I needed and not a yoga mat more.  If I’m supposed to do yoga, it will become apparent.  Right now I’m supposed to go watch me some Top Chef.

Night all.  See you tomorrow.

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