What to Do? What to Do?


It is just after 2 p.m. on a Monday afternoon.  This is usually the time when I’m getting the girls down for their second nap of the day.  But not today.  Today I got done with work early and my whole day is thrown for a loop.  I don’t know which meeting to go to, I don’t know what chore I should focus on, maybe I should go to a matinee?

This is truly a luxury problem, I know.  I’m just not the best with unscheduled down time.  So I checked all my e-mails and I made sure that last night’s episode of “Shameless” was down loading.  I’ve had a cup of tea, made a few phone calls, and now what?

I could take my novel to the park and sit by the fountain in Huntington Square.  Then meander down to the 4:30 p.m. at the Hyde St. Cafe.  I’ve never been to it and it’s in my neighborhood.  Then I could swing by Cala and pick up some cat litter.

This blog has officially become a dumping ground for my brain.  This is why I don’t Tweet.  I would end up sending out random ass messages about needing to buy cat litter.  No body needs to know that.

I could take my coffee mug with me and get a latte from Peets at Grace Cathedral.  Although I have been cutting back on my latte consumption.  Unnecessary milk expenditure and calories.  Ugh.  I have no idea what to do.

Part of the whole not knowing what to do is also a version of my ass is lazy and I don’t want to go off Nob Hill.  I rode my bike to work and I rode my bike home.  I don’t feel like riding it anymore today.  So, I’m left with things to do within walking distance of my house.  And actually there’s quite a bit I could do.

Maybe I’ll walk on down to the Polk Gulch and just mosey around for a bit.  A walk never hurt anybody and my brain always feels better after my feet have been moving a bit.

I could also take a nap.

That just seems decadent and wrong.  My friend Phil told me that I don’t have to do anything productive with the time.  I guess that’s where I feel funky.  I feel like I need to be doing something, grocery shopping, laundry, working on my book.

I could look up more agents to submit to.  How long does one wait on an e-mail query?  I haven’t heard back yet from the agent at Curtis Brown.  I figure one to two weeks for an e-mail.  Maybe just one.

Hmmm.  That sounds like work.  I did at least sit down to write this blog to get my post a day challenge out of the way.  I like how my posts are really nothing but random brain blatherings.  Does any one find this mental masturbation interesting?

Hmmmm, another thought, it doesn’t matter if anyone does, it’s my business to continue to take the challenge.  And I’m sure that if I keep writing everyday, there will be a blog or two or even three that people really like and enjoy reading.  I just get to continue to do the work and to let go of the results.

I heard that somewhere once.

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