I’m Back!


Yesterday was such a surreal day.  K’s been sick this whole week and S. has been too.  Both girls have had nasty, nasty colds.  And I thought it had finally caught up to me yesterday, I had finally caught it.  Even with constant hand sanitizing and washing.

But nope, what I had caught was exhaustion.  I was just plain old tired.  You might be tired to if you pushed a stroller around the greater China Basin area for a full week, and then some.  I sort of wished I had one of those pedometer readers, I bet I would have clocked in a hefty work out this week, especially yesterday.

K. has been so congested she can’t sleep on her back and has had such a bad cough that when she would manage to fall asleep she would often just cough herself back awake. Which then in turn led to much hysterical crying and needing to be comforted.

Plus, the little monkey is teething molars.

But she could fall asleep for brief periods of time when being pushed in her stroller.  So starting Monday I would walk in and get the lowdown from mom and then just basically strap her in and go.  Nothing is sadder than a sick baby that can’t sleep.

By yesterday I was a crazy lady.  I had one too many coffees, and it didn’t help that the one too many was from Philz, and really no breaks at all this week, and was feeling completely and utterly out of whack.  The day had stretched into this impossible, never ending, walking dream.

I tried to take an old room mates suggestion and just get into the weirdness of it all.  Felt rather like being on acid.  All I can say, is thank god the weather has been good.  If it had been raining I think I would have lost my mind.  I would have wound up pushing the stroller around the hallways at the house.  I don’t even want to think what that would have looked like.

Yesterday mom came home early and took one look at me and took K. and said, Carmen, sit down.  Take a break.  She took K.  and sat with her for a while and gave me some respite.  She had to go back into work, but told me that dad was going to be coming home.  I was to get off early.

I had many great and noble plans for this time off.  Grocery shopping being at the top of the list, then going to Huntington Square, and after meeting with Cass.  But as the day drew on and the caffeine induced hallucinations spun brightly around me, I found that all I could fathom doing was going home and sleeping.

Which truly worried me.  I don’t get sick very often and when I do, I’m down for the count.  And the girls had both been really ill.  I know I’m getting sick when I can’t imagine doing something that for me is normal to my routine.  And as the minutes seeped by I realized I couldn’t fathom going to Rainbow to go grocery shopping.

Then I could not imagine hauling up to Grace Cathedral.  And worse, I could not begin to see how I was going to make it to work with Cass afterward.  I almost started to cry.  So I called Cass and she ordered me to bed ASAP.  We rescheduled for next week and I finally got done with work.  Handed off K. to her pops and hit the road on my bike.

I rode home slowly, dreamily, out of touch with my world.  Gratefully I was just on the early side of rush hour on the Embarcadero.  There were plenty of tourists around the Ferry Building, but nobody valet parking or double parking and little traffic.

I made it through China Town and rather than push up the last two blocks on my bike I got off and walked it the rest of the way up the hill.

My cats were surprised to see me.  I was surprised to see my studio in the daylight.  I made some peanut butter toast and sliced up an apple for dinner, I had no desire to cook.  I crawled into bed, checked my e-mail, briefly thought about posting a blog then fell fast asleep.

Napping at 5 o’clock in the afternoon was very strange, but so needed.  I woke up at 7:30 p.m. had a little snack, watched a little Top Chef and went right back to bed.

Good news for me, I did not catch the cold and K. was feeling better today.  She even napped in her crib!

Although we still took substantially longer walks then normal, I’m almost used to it.  And I only had one cup of coffee today.

All in all, not a bad day.

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