Welcome to San Francisco!  Did you remember to wear layers?  Bring an umbrella?

Or sunscreen?

What was up today with the crazy weather?  I got up early because it was such a stormy night last night that I thought I would be taking MUNI into work.  Well, it actually would have been a cable car to the train, then a bit of walking, so I had to adjust my alarm clock to compensate for the extra time it was going to take.

My alarm set for 6:15 a.m.

And yup, the streets were wet this morning, but the sun was shining.  I had a back and forth conversation in my head about how I was going to get to work.  Streets are wet, slippery road conditions, four sets of cable car lines to cross on my bike, 1 set of trolley car lines, a bridge over 4th St. that is metal plated (which I hate riding over even when it’s bone dry, I usually ride on the “side-walk” part of the bridge and annoy pedestrians with my passing) and slick road paint.

Or the possible San Francisco public transportation commuter dance.  A little mix of the Powell/Mason cable car line coupled with whenever the T line decides to show up and a walk, which granted, would take me past Philz coffee so I could get rocket fuel for the day at work.

Or walk down three blocks, catch the 30 or the 45 Stockton to Caltrains and walk from there.

All roads leading to I need extra time to get to work.

After a shower and some breakfast I make the decision to ride my bike.  I hate being at the mercy of the bus and MUNI trains.  I go slow, I use the side-walk on occasion, I carefully, or so very carefully ride over the various cable and trolley tracks.  I make it to work.

The wind is brisk, the sun is bright.  K.  is helping me take off my bike shoes, when I hear this sudden delirious batting of weather at the window.  It is hailing.  I just missed it.  Thank god.  That would have been miserable.

And there’s a rainbow.

And then it’s gone.

And then I decide, yes, we will take a walk, the sun is back out.  Then it rains.  Then the sun is back out, then it rains.  Ugh.  Make up your mind SF.  I go out and make it the majority of the walk with the girls in the morning constantly watching the sun and the clouds battle it out.  Get caught in a brief shower, but am prepared.  The stroller is well equipped and I have a rain coat on.

What I didn’t account for is K’s absolute abhorrence to the rain jacket that goes over the stroller.  She did not want none of it.  Oh, fuck no.  Get this shit out of my view.  Let me tell you, nothing makes a nanny more paranoid, this nanny anyway, than walking with a screaming child.

I feel like everyone is judging me.  That people are on the phone to child protective services.  There are spy planes in the sky relaying my in capabilities to the parents.  The satellites have pin pointed me and I’m going to be fired when I get back to the house.

Mum mums (crunchy little rice rusks, great for teething), digestive biscuit, fruit puffs, bottle of milk, bottle of water, singing, diaper check, soothing voice, pleas to God, all go absolutely over this little monkeys head.  Six molars, a slightly too long walk and the constant shift in the weather have pushed her over the edge.

I’m walking across the UCSF campus praying out loud to get back to home base and get the child out of the stroller and fuck me, I have to pee, and it’s gonna wait, and now S. is crying, brave little trooper, because K. has been crying nonstop for twenty minutes, and I know that the CPS team is on its way.

And then, more rain.


One more block, hang tight, and we turn the corner and K. sees her house and, shit you not, there’s a rainbow.

Two in one day.  Not bad.  I could have done without all the drama, but in the end we got back, CPS was not called in, I’m not a bad nanny and the weather, however mercurial did not ruin my day.

Only my perspective can do that.



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