Crushed Violet Sky


The sky is my favorite color right now.  This very moment looking out the window, oh and there goes the Hyde St./Powell St. cable car, the downtown buildings pressed against the sky look like toy jewels God threw down from the heavens to just fascinate my eyes with.

I have had a lovely day.  Although it started off a little weird and janky.  I think I was just a little emotionally hung over from the night before.  I slept through 7 of my snooze alarms.  Thus putting me a little rushed to get to my noon commitment.

I pumped up the back tire on my bike and pretty much flew out the door to make it on time.  I didn’t really get gussied up today either.  Just threw on my bike shoes, a pair of tights, a tank top, and a bicycle sweatshirt.  I had a moment of deja vu as I remembered how it felt to get dressed in the early mornings when I was doing the AIDS ride training last year.

It was so good to be on my bike though.  Felt awesome to stretch out my legs and be fully self-sufficient with my transportation.  Yes, I was not going to be as timely as if I had not slept through all those snooze alarms, but I was still going to get there a whole lot faster than if I had taken MUNI.

I took a lot of MUNI this past week what with the weather being a little on the tweaky side.  I was utterly grateful to wake to sunshine and clear skies.  True, it was a windy day, but not blusteringly so, and I am happy to report that my legs hadn’t forgotten how to power up hills.

In fact, as much as I hate to admit it, I think that the break from bicycling actually helped my muscles.  It was though I had done a little mini taper without planning it.

Ah, now the sky is indigo.  And I just noticed that the top apartment across the street still has their Christmas lights up.  They are actually quite pretty contrasting with the sky.  The street lights just flicked on and the day is passing.  There’s some fancy awards thing happening right now and I’m watching the sky change color.

And listening to Boards of Canada.  So serene.  Blissful.  Peaceful.  Content.

Much like a cat.

Must remember that when I go about my crazy full days that sometimes I need to just stop and watch the sky change colors and see the amazing movie that happening right in front of me.  I get so busy planning, and scheming, and figuring out what needs to happen next that I can completely obliterated the wonderfulness that is now.

My cats have it pretty right on.  Nap a little. Stretch.  Watch the sky and the birds wheeling across it.  Nap some more.  Eat a little something.  Run around like a maniac for a brief moment.  Then nap again.

Animals are truly great about being in the present.  I will strive to be like that this week.  Right now, today.  Here listening to the rumbling cable cars roll down the hills, see the dusk fall across the city and listen to the pretty music coming from my computer.

Now is perfect.  I am perfect.

There is nothing wrong.  And I don’t need to fix it.

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