I am not my pant size


As I am apparently everything from a 10 to a twelve, a medium, a small, a large, although as of late not an extra-large or bigger.  I have been exploring the world of clothes shopping for my new body and boy howdy, is it an interesting place to delve.

Thank god for friends that will go shopping with you.  I never would have done what I did today without the help of my dear friend Mrs. Fishkin.  She rocked.  We went to Westfield Mall, Urban Outfitters, Lucky Brand Jeans, H & M, Forever 21, Zara, Gap, Betsey Johnson, and some other places I cannot remember.  She got me to try on stuff I wouldn’t have.  Showed me how sizing really, really, really differs from store to store and brand to brand.

I’m a large at Forever 21.  A medium at H & M, also a 12 or a 10 depending on what is on the rack.  At Gap I’m a 10, at Betsey Johnson I did not even try anything on, I’m also not my pocket-book, but I do know what I can afford right now and I did not even want to be tempted into trying anything on for fear I’d fall in love and have to buy it.

At Urban Outfitters apparently nobody has breasts, as it did not matter what size top I put on I was way too top-heavy.  Note to self when feeling the slight pangs of not having the same voluptuous tatas as I have in the past, simply go try something on at Urban Outfitter and relish the bosoms spilling over the top.

Oh!  And I have a long torso, who knew?  Not I, I can assure you of that, which explains why some shirts look idiotic on me.  And I discovered, I’m a sweater girl! Tight little cropped vintage-esqu sweaters look super adorable and cute on my figure, not to mention sexy, see above with breast size.  However, there are  a lot of other styles that don’t look any kind of right on my torso.  I also have a longer inseam for pants than I thought.

I also need to remember which stores have bathrooms in them or not.  I cannot try on clothes with a full bladder.  Some stores do not have restrooms or facilities that I ever want to visit again–that would be you, Forever 21.

Oh, and although they did not have any jeans in the store that had a long enough leg for me, Lucky Brand Jeans had the best sales clerk, Jessica, and hands down, the best fitting rooms–huge, with not only a full length mirror, but two more to see from all angles, as well as a chair for sitting, and a bench and enough hooks to hold the ones I want to keep, the ones I don’t want, and the ones I’m still to try on.  Props to them.  Wish the pants had fit.

I like shopping.  It is fun.  And interesting.  I had it in my mind that I was only going to try on the size I thought I was–this is misplaced egoism, and a sure way to make myself quickly unhappy.  Arin, Mrs. Fishkin, was so helpful with that, depending on what was what and where it was even placed in the store, sizes were all over the map.

I never knew a lot of this before.  My shopping was pretty limited.  I was  Lane Bryant shopper and that was that.  And I knew what was my size exactly and I could go in and pursue the store in twenty minutes and know if there was anything worth trying on or not.  I got to the point, I could just go in and purchase things without trying them on.  I cannot make that assumption anymore.

And it’s really freeing.  I’m enjoying exploring.  Although, I’m done for the month of March, spending category in clothing for month has been met.

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