I have two minutes


To write my post,  like that is really going to happen.  How the fuck did I just spend two, TWO, hours looking for a place to stay in Austin for next weekend and not book anything?  Overwhelmed by options, hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast, location.  Grrr.  I so should have booked when I got my airline ticket.  Or perhaps not, as I appear to be not such a smart bear.

I shorted myself a day in Austin!  I thought I was flying in on Thursday the 14th and as it turns out I’m flying in on Friday the 15th.  How the hell did I do that?  So, I’m quite glad that I made no head way when I was looking for a hotel this afternoon before getting the girls lunch.

Here’s a scenario to give a person grey hair: two toddlers, wound up and ready to eat running around like maniacs, one nanny who needs, needs, needs to eat herself otherwise toddlers will be eaten for lunch (I equate this to the airline oxygen mask, put yours on first before attempting to help another; this also goes for using the bathroom, nanny must use potty or full bladder accident will not be the childs’), music on too loud (Stomp, stomp! Stomp, stomp, twirl, twirl!  Clap you hands!) (Remind me to find suitable children’s music that will not make me want to go berserk after one listening or will have itself on endless repeat in brain as one rides bicycle after work trying to avoid all the drunken tail gaters from today’s opening day for the Giants, there’s magic inside! Not really, the magic was riding my bike to work this morning at 7:45 am down past the ball park, around McCovey Cove and past the convoy of rv’s already lined up with grills and charcoal and bbq and burgers, and beers!  I want a cup of coffee at 7:45 a.m. not a burger and a long neck–amazing, but true); add-on numerous phone calls to hotels in Austin that are all booked up, and last but not least, juggle trying to navigate the precious few minutes I have to organize lunch, my travel plans, K’s laundry which needs to be folded and put away, lunch clean up, two girls that poop on a schedule (this is good thing, but timing must be included) and the imminent arrival of K’s dad who is coming home briefly, early, from work to collect his things for boys weekend in Stinson Beach, all between 12:15 p.m. and 1 p.m.  And let’s make sure the house is clean, as dad is just a little anal about that.

Aside–who does a boys weekend in Stinson Beach?

I call this grey hair inducing.  And yet, I haven’t found one, bless my grandmother’s genes yet again.  And, oh, yeah, I also haven’t found a place to stay.  The options I picked out were booked.  The options they suggested were booked.  Hello, people, SXSW was last weekend.  Never assume, auntie Marybeth told me when I was a pre-teen, it makes and ass out of u and me, well, of just me, it looks like.

So, the inner debate rages whilst I juggle wanting to find a nice place, nearish downtown, S. Congress area, or the Warehouse district, that’s cute and not too pricey.  And what did I do, hotel porn.

Ugh.  Just when I thought it was bad enough that I do apartment porn, I found myself doing hotel porn.  Boy howdy, there’s some nice places to stay in Austin.

I think I’ll be booking the Motel 8 in the morning.  It’s got such a quaint name for a bed and breakfast.

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