Playing Tourist


Lady Pell and I had a play date today.  We met down at the Ferry Building and took the ferry across the bay to Sausalito.  Pell had not been on a ferry since child hood and it had been about five years for me.  Considering how easy it is, I will be doing it again sooner than 2016.  I even brought my camera and really played the tourist up.

As it was a Thursday, truly, we just blended right into the groups of people going over on the ferry.  In fact, Pell noticed at lunch, a divine little beachy shack with fish tacos and ceviche, that there were a number of people in the restaurant that had also been on the ferry with us.

I noticed French accents today, Spanish, what Pell and I could only possibly pin down as probable Portuguese, and Chinese.  There were also folks from the UK around as well as many of the states–New York for sure, and a couple from some place I could not identify, but definitely a Mid-West accent.  Nebraska?  Wasn’t Wisconsin, Illinois, or Minnesota, I would have recognized those.

Every where people asked where we were from.  I got quite the kick out of saying Nob Hill and San Francisco.  And older gentlemen everywhere kept calling us “young ladies” and “girls”.  Which I really appreciated as I found a grey hair (my second in seven years) in the mirror of  a washroom I was using in a coffee shop.  I promptly plucked in case you were wondering.

I whipped out my camera left and right.  I got fantastic shots of the back of Alcatraz, spooooooky.  I do not understand the allure of that tourist attraction.  It rather creeps me out.  A bunch of voyeuristic folk wandering around and snapping photos of dread and solitude and despair.  No thanks.  I will say this, I was a little in awe of the quiet that fell over the deck of the ferry as we passed behind it.  It was as though we all took a moment of silence to reflect on the men that had been incarcerated there.  It was powerful.

I love wandering around my city environs.  It is such a blast to actually do what the tourists do.  I can forget easily that I live in one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful cities in the world.  It truly is stunning.  The weather was brisk today, but not overly so.  The skies melted over the bay, the sea gulls wheeled, the wind ruffled my hair and I got to be so grateful for my life here.  I get to play tourist here whenever I want.  I almost got a post card at Book-A-Passage in the Ferry Building.

I actually do that all the time, I send myself post cards.  They are a great, cheap, reminder of the moment and the place I was just visiting.  I have postcards from the Louvre, the Pompidou, the MOMA, Burning Man, and different neighborhoods around San Francisco.  Occasionally from my favorite book stores when I go on artist dates to browse.  I bought a hat today, in this little side alley in Sausalito called Princess Street.

The hat was made by the owners daughter-Rowan.  I just have to say, it was made for me.  The owner even took a picture of me in it.  Apparently Rowan had finished making the hat last night and had just dropped it off to the store this morning.  Pell speculated that I was probably the first person to put it on.  All I know is that I had to have it.  And serendipitously it matched my outfit!  Score.

I also appreciate how many San Francisco-trinsic modes of transportation I got to go on today.  The ferry, a cable car coming home, and the underground into the Castro.  Thank you Pell for the Clipper card!

And the tourist theme shall continue for the next few days, as I just confirmed and checked into my flight to Austin, Texas.  Where I discovered courtesy of a very excited text from my good friend Lizz, the temp is going to be 85 degrees tomorrow.  She told me to pack a swim suit.  Yes ma’am!

I’ll be wearing my new hat on the plane and I’m going to find some vintage boots, preferably green leather, in Austin.  And a long maxi style dress.   Oooh lalalala.  I can’t wait.

I will also bring my camera, as I will be a real tourist tomorrow.

Good thing I got my practice in today.

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