Bath Time


Oof.  I am sore.  I am not an eleven year old girl.  Although I tried my best to keep up with her, Daniella, at House of Air yesterday.  I met her in the middle of the trampoline park where she was repeatedly throwing herself into the air, little back flips and hops and twists.  Not accomplished, gymnastic style, but just enthusiastic I’m a kid and look at what my body can do.  She showed me how to do a back flip/somersault on the trampolines.

And of course, my internal eleven year old was way into it.  However, she forgot she lives in a 38-year-old woman’s body.  Oops.

I need to take a bath.  Actually I need to soak.  I’m about to load up the bathtub with epsom salts and for the sake of treating myself, bubbles.  Because, why the hell not?  I cannot remember the last time I took a bath.  I’m a shower sort of girl.  And I have a nice bathtub, big, deep, claw foot.  I’m going to pile in the bath gel and blow it up with bubbles and stick my sore body in it.

And I’m sure it could be worse, I was getting pretty crazy on the trampolines,but Joanie intervened and told me a few times to ease up.  She was totally right. My shoulders and neck are sore today.  Not my legs at all, which is way cool–all that bike riding pays off. I wasn’t thinking about how impactful the trampoline would be on my upper body (although I could have figured it out as I got a bit of a trampoline burn on my right elbow).  But I definitely was doing a lot of throwing myself up into the air and landing on my back and my bum and then flipping wildly around like some overgrown salmon struggling upstream to spawn.

A couple of kids actually gave me tips on how to jump.  It was pretty awesome.  I’m really glad I can still relate to kids on their level and have fun and be silly.  Now, this could be construed as immaturity, but I prefer to look at it like I still have a zest and positivity for life.  I want to try things.  I want to jump off the walls and get stupid.

Even with a stiff neck and some sore shoulders, I want to go back.  I want to do the Olympic training trampolines.  They are super strong and you can catch a lot of air and do tricks.  I figure part of the problem was that I did not know what my body was going to do.  It is not eleven and does not react that way.  But, I think it would be a total blast to get rigged up in a harness and take some lessons on trampolining.  I reserve the right to play like a child.

And next time I’ll make sure and take ibuprofen before setting out on the adventure.  I know I will be going back, if only to recapture that weightless pleasure of leaping into the air and drifting back down.  Just being able to jump up and down on the trampoline and spin in the air and feeling the joy of pure play, oh, yeah, I’m about to go online and book myself an hour for next weekend!

Who do you think you are, Queen of the Trampoline?


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