Eating Butterflies and Pooping Rainbows


I just realized my blog is starting to get a little, ahem, scatological.  I’d apologize for that, but you can blame Pell.

She said to me tonight as we were headed to a late night tea time with Amy, “I thought of you when he said that!”  A gentleman this evening told us a story about how his daughter was such a happy kid, she acknowledged it by saying, “I’m so happy that I’m eating butterflies and pooping rainbows!”

Well, I am flattered.  And I have had a big smile plastered to my face today, I won’t deny that.

It has been an extraordinary day in lovely little ways.  And though I think the taste of butterflies would not be so pleasant, I do understand the sentiment.  I have felt like it all day, without being able to verbalize what “it” was exactly.  Gratitude would probably come close, but it feels and has felt even more expansive.

Mostly because I have been so connected with people today.  Loads of phone calls and texts and face to face interactions.  My life is abundant and prosperous and rich and full.  I have nothing to complain about.

Oh, sure I could complain about that gigantic box of laxative sitting in my kitchen, waiting for me on top of the fridge, but even that seems silly.  Right now, in this moment, nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong.

I could also draw my attention down to the magnet holding a price tag that I just clipped off a coat I bought today as I went over to Noe Valley to meet up with John Ater.  It is the tag from a coat that I saw in Ambiance over six months ago, An Ren, New York, that I fell in love with at first sight.  That at the time I saw it I would not let myself try on as it was too expensive for me to buy and I knew that if I put it on I would have to have it.  Cost of said coat $475.

I said to myself, wait, see if it goes on sale.

And it did, but it was still out of my range, and then it did again, but I had just paid rent, and so on and so forth.  I had completely forgotten about the coat when I walked into Ambiance this evening, I was just killing time until I met with Mr. Ater at the coffee shop.  And there it was, one left, in my size, on sale again.  Dare I look?

Oh my yes.  It had been marked down again!  And this time I could afford it.  The coat had been marked down six times from the original price of $475.  The coat’s price now, $49. And, it was on the 20% off rack!  So it was marked down further at the register to $39.  With tax I paid $42.50 for the coat.  Less than what the tax would have been at the original price.

I am shitting rainbows.

This is not my first An Ren coat that I have gotten in some sort of fairy tale manner.  My other An Ren I found when I was out window shopping in the Mission with Joan at Bianca Starr last summer.  I got that one for $28.

I can’t wait to call Joanie in the morning and tell her my story.

Along with other details from my weekend.

Butterflies and rainbows, indeed.

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