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How much is that one bedroom in the window?  It came to my attention yesterday that  there is a one bedroom open in my building.  I have been yearning after more space for a while now.  And I can’t imagine a cooler move than just across the hall!

Sunday morning I awoke to some one knocking at my door.  For a brief, delicious moment I thought it was the gentleman I had a movie date with on Friday night.  Then I realized that was impossible and woke up fully to my door bell being rung.  The inside door bell.  Huh?

I answered to find the girl in the unit kitty corner to me standing there.  It turns out she was moving out and wanted to know if I could use any spare groceries.  She did not have any more space to pack and did not want to waste the food.  I said, sure, I’ll come over and check out what you have, just let me get myself together.

I raced around my studio getting dressed and presentable.  I have always wanted to see what the other apartments in the building look like.  I have always hankered after a one bedroom in this building, this seemed heaven-sent.

I went over a few minutes later and relieved her of a 1/2 bag of organic brown rice, some protein drinks, and a large yellow onion.  The rest of what she had to offer was not appealing to me or did not fit into my current food plan.  Nobody wants hot dogs that look like they’ve been in the freezer since the turn of the century.  I’m not a vegetarian, although I play one on tv.  I politely declined and peered around the space trying not to be too obvious.

Then, I asked, how much?  How much rent do you pay for the apartment.  Whilst trying to scan itas much of it as I could, was that a walk in closet in the bedroom?!  And she did not know.  She did not pay the rent.  And I could not believe that I actually harbored no grudge against her for that, talk about growth!  Some people get to have their parents take care of their rent while they are in school, that’s awesome for them.

Some people, me, don’t have that option.  However, I do have the option of sending an e-mail to my rental agency.  As well as checking out if they had placed it back up on the site.  And there it was, well, I think.  I’m actually not certain that the one they have listed is the one that I saw, but they’ve got a listing.

It is listed at $1600.  That is $450 more than I am paying now.  That is also about how much I have been stashing into my savings account every month since I made the decision to move to Paris next year.

My brain automatically went to either or.  Move into the one bedroom and don’t go to Paris.  Or stay in studio and go to Paris.

I am wondering if perhaps there may be a way to do both?  What if I just practise believing that there will be the money to pay for an upgrade in space?  What if I just have faith?  What if I just take the next action in front of me and let go of the results.  So much can change in a year and a half.  I could suddenly come into a lot of money.  My book could get picked up by an agency.  I could get a big raise at work.  I could also ask for a raise.

I want more space.  I adore my little studio, but I would love to have a real desk and a couch.  Oh my god, would that be nice.  More space for the cats.  Being able to get a bigger Christmas tree this year.  A fireplace.  Oh yes, you heard me, a fire-place that works.  My favorite smell in the whole world, wood fire burning.  Nothing more romantic than snuggling before a fire.  A cold night in foggy summer San Francisco, sure, no problem, I’ll just light a fire.  Nope, I’m not going out, I’ll be getting my cozy on.

Anything can happen.  I did not know how I was going to make the transition from paying $435 a month in a rent controlled apartment to paying $1150 and I did.  I just had faith it would work its way out.  And it has.  So, faith, I believe that if I’m supposed to move across the hall, it’ll happen.

Just, please, take the hotdogs out of the freezer before I move in.

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