In the most incredible way.  I will be getting up and not going directly to work like I normally do, but to the offices of Davis-Paul Management on Sutter St. to sign my lease for my new 1 bedroom apartment!  I cannot freaking believe this is happening.  Last night I got to see the apartment in my own private viewing after I got done doing the deal at Grace Cathedral.

I called the rental agent after looking around and asked for a lower rent than the listed price.  It turns out that the fireplace is not actually a functioning fireplace.  Which I was sad to discover, but used as a bargaining point along with my rental history–I pay my rent on time, in full, usually a few days early. The agent had also cued me in accidentally that the apartment was going for $50 less than what was posted on the site.  So, I asked for another hundred off.  Why not?  The worst they could do was say no.  Hey, no biggie, I’m already in a great little studio.

This afternoon I got the call back with a counter offer, they would let me have it for $105 off the listed price.  I said I would take it.  We talked details and the next thing you know I’m making arrangements to go in early tomorrow to drop off a deposit.  I would typically be at work at 8 a.m. but the family needs a favor next week and as I will be coming in early, I get to go in late tomorrow–giving me just the time I need to bike over to the rental agency and sign the paper work.  The agent doesn’t usually get in until 9a.m.  so he’s also making an exception to help my schedule out. And he told me that normally they would ask for the full amount on the security, but I put down an extra deposit when I moved in and they said I would only need to do a deposit of $500.  Which I would get back once they ascertained that my studio didn’t have any damage to it.

I went to the bank after the girls got up from their naps, got $500 out in cash and then went across the street to the post office and dropped off a change of address form.  I’m moving in on Wednesday, June 1st.  I felt like I was dreaming this entire afternoon up.  I kept wanting to pinch myself.  I still sort of do.  I also want to go back and moon around in the space some more, it’s still unlocked and I went and wandered around in it a bit before getting down to business here at home.

I cannot believe it.  I’m actually really and truly moving into a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco.  I am an adult for sure!  I am going to need to ask for a raise at work.  I feel completely legit in doing this.  First I broke down the numbers and I’m a freaking steal for what I do for the families.  So, I just need to breathe deep and do the deed.  Pell suggested I wait until July 1st, but I feel like moving a little quicker than that.  Granted I have the money for rent already to go, so it’s not a matter of not having the money.  But it is a matter of continuing to live the quality of life that I’m living.

I enjoy my life and I live a very simple one.  I am not extravagant about going out, I eat out rarely, I drink coffee now instead of lattes, I ride my bike and don’t take taxi’s often, I buy the majority of my clothes used.  However, I still like my organic food and I like getting a manicure and a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed.  I like being able to buy a cute pair of shoes without worrying about the rent.  Knowing me I may worry for a while anyway, but I feel like it has all come together so smoothly and effortlessly, that it will continue to do so.

I believe that the money is there for me.

This is all so surreal and wonderful.  And crazy.  I called Cass to tell her the news and she said, oh good, I’m upgrading to a new couch, so you can have my old one.  What?  Really?  A “new” couch for my “new” apartment.  She said, two guys and a truck and take it off my hands. Ok, twist my arm! There are still plenty of other things that I will want to get for the space, but what I have in my studio will certainly suffice for now. Looks like  I won’t be doing apartment porn on Craigslist any more, but furniture porn!

I am so looking forward, however, to getting a desk to actually do my writing at.  And I’m looking forward to not having to pack anything up in boxes.  I can leisurely move everything over on the first.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I may actually be able to get in a day earlier than that.  But if I don’t, no worries.  I also picked up cleaning supplies at the store today, before I got the call that the apartment was mine.  I figured I should act as if.  It also wouldn’t hurt if I cleaned the oven anyway, it’s not been done since I moved in.  Really glad I have a three-day weekend to do this too.

Seriously, the timing is incredible.  I am in awe.  I just need to keep it together and stop going over to my new apartment and staring at it, as I want to move in now!  But they are going to do some floor fixing and some touch up painting.  And technically until the lease is signed tomorrow it’s not mine yet, but I can taste it, oh dear me oh my, yes I can.

And it is damn fine.

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