It Is Scary


To ask for what you need.  But my god, is it rewarding.  Case in point– the following is an e-mail I received today after coming home from doing the deal, running errands,  and meeting with Shannon for a long ladies who never see each other lunch, followed by a spontaneous coffee at Four Barrel:



Hi Carmen,


We had a chance to talk about your request for a raise this weekend

and crunch the numbers on our end.  We would like to go ahead and

provide you with an $80 per week increase in salary, effective this

coming Friday, June 3rd.

We feel you do an exceptional job nannying for S- and K- and

therefore wanted

to do what we could to make it happen right away.  Furthermore, from talking

with other friends who have nanny shares in SF, this increase seems to bring you

up to a competitive salary rate.


Given that we’re doing the increase now vs. November, M- and I

think it’s a good opportunity to do a review with you as well.  As we

said earlier, we think you’re doing an excellent job.  This will be an

opportunity for us to provide you with feedback and for you to provide

us with feedback, with the goal of making the Nanny Share run as

smoothly as possible for everyone involved.  The goal is to all work

together effectively as adults to continue providing a nurturing,

loving and enriching

environment for S- and K-.


We were thinking we could do the review discussion at the end of the day

on Thursday if this works for you.  It will just be M-, me and you

and will be informal.


We want to thank you for the past 7 months and look forward to the

next year and a half of having you work with our daughters.


Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!





The moms have agreed to my raise!  Which covers the cost of my new apartment.  I cannot quite believe this.  I cannot believe I actually asked.  They both gave me the impression that yes it would happen, but neither gave me a definitive when, how, or how much.  I asked for $80 more per week as that covers the increase in rent from the studio to the one bedroom (actually it happens to be $79.61, but let us not to quibble).  I am still a bit in shock that the 1 bedroom is actually mine.  Even though I have paid the rent on it, signed the lease, and have moved a few things in.

The rental agent said I could move in things that would not interfere with the floors being done or the wall in the bedroom getting a touch up coat of paint.  So I moved my kitchen over this evening and the rest of my bathroom things.  I have left only those things in my bathroom that I will need to use for the next day and ditto for the kitchen.

The cats are starting to get nervous.  They hate it when I have moved them in the past.  However, it should be fairly easy this go around.  I will probably just open the door and let them find their way across the hall.  Giggle.  It does not cease to crack me up every time I think about it.  Tanya said, “oh no, I heard you’re moving again, are you ok,” earlier when I saw her.  I assured her that I was indeed ok, great in fact, and then told her yes I was moving–across the hall.

Actually,I may need some big strong man to lend me a hand.  Er, wait, scratch that, bring me some flowers instead.  That’s all a need a guy for right now.

What I am hoping is that tomorrow when I get back from work and doing the deal I will be able to move the rest of my stuff over.  Then on Wednesday I will be able to do a full on cleaning job in the studio.  I have already done a bit here and there as I have gone through out the weekend.  I was going to do the oven tonight.  Then I decided I would leave that as one of the last things I do.  If all goes well tomorrow I may even spend the night in my new apartment as opposed to the studio.  Then I can do up the oven and I won’t have to deal with the smell of oven cleaner in my space.

Shannon dropped me off at the house and we did the dance of joy in my new apartment after I first showed her the dimensions of the studio so that she could have a true appreciation for the amount of space I am moving into.  And like Joan did, her jaw dropped when she saw the walk in closet.  I joked that had this been during the dot-com boom the apartment could have been billed as a two bedroom, as you really could put yourself up in the closet, especially as it also has two doors–one that opens onto the bedroom and the other that opens onto the hallway.

Plus! Shannon has a love seat for me.  So now I have one couch, one kitchen table, and one love seat ready for me to furnish the apartment.  I am going to need a few chairs and a book-case.  I forgot that I don’t have a book-case any more, the one that I put all my books on is actually built into the studio’s wall.  I also aspire to a coffee maker, I have the little one cup at a time filter that I use at the moment, but now that I can have people over, I would love to be able to brew up a pot of coffee.  Other than that, the kitchen is done. Oh, wait, I keep forgetting, I need a toaster too.  But really, that’s what the broilers for right?

I am so grateful and awed and just beyond amazed at how these last few days have gone.  I took action, let go of the results, and got the surprise of my freaking life.

Can’t wait to give you a tour of my new place!

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