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Nothing exciting, just a day.  But what a gorgeous day.  Luscious summer time weather for a day.  It actually felt like June today.  I was actually overdressed for work.  And I hear that tomorrow, well, is hotter?  What?

You know that means that the day after tomorrow the fog will roll in and it will drastically drop and you will see people all over the city running around shivering like foolish tourist.  But it is worth it to get a couple of days of hot summertime weather in the month that most people associate summer time with.

Every time I hear about a summer blockbuster I wonder what the hell they are talking about?  It’s cold it’s foggy, no I have not broken out the grill and the Johnsonville Brats (you can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can’t take the Wisconsin out of the girl), I am wearing layers and no I don’t want to go to Stern Grove and sit up in the chilly bowl of fog that passes for an outdoor summer concert in San Francisco.

But tomorrow, this lady is breaking out the sundress and the sun hat.  That’s right, I will be mimicking the girls and their attire.  Mayhap we shall journey to the South Beach Yacht Harbor park.  Just because I like saying that we went to the South Beach Yacht harbor.  I shall play pretend that I am on vacation instead of working.  I have a really wide-brimmed black cloth sunhat that is über  fabulous and I shall be sporting it tomorrow.  I will pretend to be at “resort”  just please disregard my nanny clogs, they are a smidge out of season.

Ooooh.  I will have an iced coffee.  Yum.  I can usually count of one hand how many iced coffees I have throughout the course of the summer.

And frankly, tomorrow may be my only “relaxing” day.  My week is already pretty busy on average, but this week kind of takes the cake.

Tomorrow work, doing the deal, grocery shopping, blog.

Wednesday- work, then finishing tattoo with Barnaby.  I will be under the gun for probably three hours.  Any one want to keep me company, come on down to Mom’s in the Haight.  I’m excited about finishing the work, which I had not expected to be doing, but when your artist is moving to Paris, you make the time happen. Blog–this will be an interesting one, all high on tattoo.

Thursday-work, dress rehearsal and run through for In Our Own Words, pack for LA, blog.

Friday-work, finishing packing–because I usually do everything with packing last minute, and I may have to take my luggage into work as I’m carpooling to LA, then driving down to LA, blog?  I have to do my blog, which I just realized means bringing my laptop with me.

Saturday-do whatever people do in LA, shop, get nose jobs, audition?  Then show up at theater at 2pm for call and run through.  Then a break, a meeting, dinner, and perform, fall out, blog.

Sunday-meeting, rehash of performance with group, and drive back to San Francisco, fall out, blog.

So, yeah, I’m not busy this week at all.

I mean, I’m trying to figure out when I’m going to fit grocery shopping in and cooking.  Cooking ain’t gonna happen.  I may not even really get any true grocery shopping in.  But I’m going to try.  I’m out of some of my basic basics and I do not like that.  I am probably going to go to work, go to the Bahai Center after, then try to hit up Rainbow afterward.

The nice thing about this week, and who knew I could find gratitude in the grandparents visiting for a week (seriously, there must be something about this family that says it’s ok to be semi naked around the nanny.  I had not met grandpa and when I walked in he was lounging on the couch with no shirt on and in his underwear?  At least he wasn’t shirt cocking like grandma.  And oh my god, how much Fixadent does a person need?  There are like four tubes of the stuff in the bathroom and some other odd toiletries, and grandma picked up another four at the store today–is it on sale or does one really go through it that fast?  And may I never have to find out personally.  And what’s up with leaving the toilet seat up grandpa?  Come on, you do that to your wife?  Nasty.  And the pee on the floor around the toilet?  If you can’t aim, sit down dude.) is that mom decided I don’t have to be in until 9 a.m. this whole week.


Gives me an extra hour during a week I very much need it.  But I tell you, it makes the commute to work really, and I mean really, interesting.  China Town is just waking up when I zoom down the hill to the Embarcadero.  But an hour later, it is in full party swing.  Vendors, trucks, deliveries, children heading off to school, old people with canes popping out from between parked cars like Whack-a-molcs; it was like doing a slalom race to work.  I rode in the middle of the street and caught every light, it was quite the rush.  I think I held my breath for four blocks.

So, yes, a yummy sundress for tomorrow and a wide-brimmed hat.  Summer in San Francisco, if only for two days, is a glorious thing.

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