My New Ride Is Fabulous!


Although not exactly a commuter bike.  I cannot wait to go for a ride.  I joked with Barnaby, he who sold it to me for an absolute steal as he won’t be taking it to Paris with him, that I would just ride it around in front of my house.  It is heavy, it only has one gear–it is a sexy ass cruiser bike with chrome u-shaped handle bars, sweet midnight blue paint, fat white wall tires, and yes, oh my yes, a black velvet corduroy banana seat.

This mama is in heaven!

Now if only I lived in the Mission instead of Nob Hill!

What was I thinking, come on did you really have to ask?

Go back and re-read that opening paragraph–lingering for a while on the black velvet corduroy banana seat.

No, sir I don’t have a sex swing in my house, but I do have a banana seat.


I am grinning from ear to ear.  It is probably a good thing that it is raining outside, I did straddle it for a moment on the side walk and contemplate doing it anyway.  But reason prevailed, that and the tires need a little air in them before I take her out for a spin.

Aside–what the fuck is up with that?  Rainy season that does not stop.  Come on.  Want to make a nanny nuts?  Drop bucket fulls of rain on top of her and don’t let her get out to the park or for a walk.  I did venture to Peasant Pie for my morning libation.  I just had too.  I got to the door of the building and realized it was raining and my heart just dropped.


I turned back around, paced around the kitchen in the house for a few minutes, then said, “fuck it.”  And I put the rain poncho over the girls in the stroller.  Not a good idea to have me go without my coffee and then expect me to make it through a whole day indoors with the girls.

Oh my, I just got a buck shot full of gratitude.  The grand parents where not there.  Holy mother of god, that would have been absolutely abysmal.  There is a god, as if you were wondering.

Did you see my new bike?  Of course there’s a god.

I may have a few other things to show for it  than just the bike, but we’ll leave that discussion for in person in private.

Sigh.  My bike is dreamy.  Did I mention it matches my new tattoo?



It will be going with me to Burning Man, I can tell you that right now.  It is the perfect Burning Man bike.  And Black Rock City is the perfect place to ride it, aside from the aforementioned Mission District.  Black Rock is nice and flat.  No hills.  I will enjoy cruising around on my cruiser.  Flag me down and I’ll give you a ride on the handle bars.  We’ll go out deep playa and look at the stars and laugh at the wonderful absurdity that is life.

My god I am a lucky girl.

I also have the delightful experience to look forward to of not only this being a three-day weekend, I refuse to even think about picking up extra shifts at work, but having also found a person with a truck that will help me move in the last big piece of furniture for my new place–Shannon and Alex’s love seat.  I will be going by their place early Saturday evening with Ryan Jackson to pick it up.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mister Jackson.

That is a banana seat

Then, yes, say it with me, cats and kittens, it will be time to have that fabled house-warming party I have been talking about since I found out I got the apartment.

If you’re good and bring me some dish towels, sacking please, or a house plant that does well in low light, I’ll let you ride my bike around the block.

Hmmmm.  You probably will not make it around the block.  How about back and forth in front of the apartment building?  Or up to Grace Cathedral, around Huntington Square Park and back?  Not too much of an incline there.

Or you can just sit on it in my apartment.

I have already warmed up the seat!

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