Pack it In!



Just another day in San Francisco.

Up early, well, not that early, I did get to bed later than I would have considering I did not  post up a blog until almost 1 a.m.  However, I was up a half hour before my alarm went off; thus, up officially in my mind early, at 9 a.m.

Did my morning routine, made some breakfast, stripped the bed, did some laundry, wrote the morning pages, and did the exercise out of Calling In The One, for today, packed lunch and headed out to Muddy Waters.

I splurged on a cab, I was actually running behind, even though I had gotten up prior to the alarm as I made the executive decision to not pick up my bike from Lombardi’s until after I had done the deal with the ladies today.  I had thought I could scoot over to the bike repair place, but the details of getting me out the door took slightly longer.

I could have gone done to the Mission and did my writing at Four Barrel, but I had this feeling in my gut that I would not get the writing kicked out, and I need to focus on my writing and the structure I have set up to do so.

Especially as I ran into Robert this weekend and we set up a time to collaborate on the digital book cover for Baby Girl.  I was inspired by an old photo he took of my eye in which you can see the reflection of the camera in my eye and in the mirror of my sunglasses.

We are going to take pictures of my eye with a haze of smoke, crack smoke, although no crack will be used, thank you very much–cigarette smoke will suffice I believe, and further it will not be coming out of my mouth–layered over the top of it.  Robert also informed me that he wants to take some film of my mouth talking.

Turns out that there will be a MUSIC VIDEO made of While You Were Sleeping!  And the videographer wants to use a luscious pair of lips to frame the narrative of the song where in the objects that the poem speaks of pass from said mouth.  Robert told me that he informed the director that “the poet” (god, I loved hearing him say that, the poet) had just the perfect mouth for the project.

Oh. My. God.  So not only is my poem being featured by one of my favorite djs of all time, but my mouth gets to be a part of the video.  I am going to be in a music video!  Good lord, what is this world coming to?

Thus, I have felt compelled to make sure that I am grounded in my morning pages.  And really, I am realizing I am going to have to put aside some time here soon to polish up Baby Girl.  Putting together the digital cover is the next part of the journey to e-publishing and that’s going to get started next Friday.

Oh joy!

Splurging on a cab to the Mission was also a nice reprieve.  My freaking left thigh is still damn sore.  I must have bruised it much worse than I thought, the muscle is pretty stressed.  I ended up walking my bike up part of California Street coming home tonight; although, I also had my new messenger bag loaded to the brim with groceries.

Taking a cab to the Mission as well, allowed me the freedom to run by Aunt Bill’s Stuff on Valencia and peruse the store.  I have been on a mission of sorts to get the remainder of the things for the house to make it my little home.  I got three pillows yesterday and a folding shabby chic white-painted tray table at Left Overs on Van ness yesterday.  And today I found the perfect country chair in a softly faded moss-green for my desk.

The living room is done.  All that I have left to hunter gather is a nightstand for the other side of my bed and a lamp for that table.  I am taking all the suggestions from Calling in the One and doubling up on things is part of the feng shui I am supposed to be doing.  As well as holding space for the One to be in my apartment.

I have successfully stopped trying to put things in the spaces I have created.  When I see myself trying to re-negotiate the space I have freed up for whatever thing of mine I want in the space, I say to myself, nope, that’s for him to put his things in.

Some times this is scary.  Some times this is an awe-inspiring thing, it makes it so much more real.

Side bar, a couple of very nice texts from J.  in regards to last nights date.  And although he has not asked me out again, it is coming.  He told me point-blank he likes me, he’s not interested in a fling, and he wants to take it slow, and he reiterated what a great time he had with me, that another date was definitely in the making.

Good man!

I concur.  Oh, and my toilet works now.


Once I secured the farm chair from Aunt Bill’s Stuff, I flagged another cab and headed back to my side of town.  Where I rapidly changed over the laundry, made my bed (with the extra sexy new pillows I got), chugged some water, swapped out my shoes for my bike shoes and hot footed it out the door to Lombardi’s to get my bike.

I got myself a new set of bike tires and a new Kyptonite lock and cable.  I kept having this gut feeling over Thursday and Friday that my lock needed to be replaced.  I did not feel like letting that piece of intuition slide.

Then off to Rainbow to do grocery shopping for the week.  I did not get a chance to cook today as I was at a dinner part at the lovely and adorable Mrs. Fishkin’s.  She and hubby hosted a simple and amazing dinner party for the Burning Man camp family unit.  We had the most divine corn and red potato chowder with a chiffonade of basil and a scrumptious mushroom gratin and a delectable baby cucumber and spinach salad with dill–it reminded me of my grandmother’s cucumber salad and sang in my mouth of the last days of summer.

I excused my self a little earlier than I would have liked.  I knew I still had to get home, unpack the bag of groceries from Rainbow and get myself situated for the week.   A nice hot shower, a cup of tea and a Gravenstein apple later, my blog.

And if I can sneak it in, and you know I’m going to, last week’s down load of True Blood which I have not had the time to fit into my return from the burn post I don’t want to be a nanny anymore week I had the last week.


And should you be wondering, I am still on the no more nanny track.  Even after getting to see my Junebug tonight at dinner and little Miss Eve, who is not so little anymore–how fast did six happen!?

I confirmed it out loud today to more people, the nanny is done.  The relationship to a new career is starting.  Actions are being taken.

Although, right now the only action I got left in my busy day is to heat up a little more water, have another cup of tea and crawl my happy ass into bed.

Really, a delightful weekend.


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