Down Time


What down time?

I popped into Mrs. Fishkin’s office today.  We are located in the same office space in the old New College building on Valencia Street.  I must say it is really nice to have friendly faces, adult faces, to interact with and engage with and get hugs from.  Oh, so very nice.

That and the realization that I did not hear any screaming today.  None.  I got to listen to adults, engage with adults, and people watch–when I had time, which was not very often.  It was pretty much go from the minute I walked in the door.  I had stuff  handed to me the moment I set foot in the shop.

I had to laugh and ask if I could just drop off my stuff in the office upstairs.  I took off my bike shoes, slipped on my nanny clogs, which shall now just be called my work clogs, and stashed my lunch and dinner in the fridge.  I also unloaded some coffee, Sight Glass of course, a box of my favorite tea, Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice, a packet of unbleached coffee filters, my gigantic mug that Wendy bought me in Hallowell, Maine for a Christmas present four years ago (l like a big mug of tea, I do, I do), and a one cup coffee drip filter.

Then I got to work.

It was on.  I was a bit overwhelmed, the computer system, the quick books, the e-mail system, the in voicing, how to build a bike, what to look for in this build box, where to find that.  Say hello to customers, eves drop on conversations, get my bearings.  When I got the chance I brewed up a cup of coffee and dashed down the hall way upstairs to say hello to Mrs. Fishkin.  It was so good.  Makes me happy just thinking about it.

Guess what else makes me happy?

My new job.

I am going to be really good at it.  I can tell.  I am so grateful for that.  I did feel overwhelmed (at one point the General Manager was telling me to do something and I started to ask a question and I completely blanked.  I mean totally, like where am I blanked.  Oh yeah, eat your food!  Brain over load and empty stomach equals blank brain) and there is an ass load of stuff to learn and it will take me some time to get it all down.  But I can already tell that I am going to be good at the job.  And I like the people and I love the space and my friends are just down the hall and I love the location.

Although I will have to get used to a different bike commute.  I had forgotten the perils and delights of riding down Polk Street in the morning hours as well as riding around the Mission at night.  The bicycle traffic is heavy, the bar/restaurant scene was just starting to get going and it is Thursday, the happy hour was a happening.  Then again, fingers crossed, I won’t be commuting from this far away in a month.

I still have made no head way on a new place to live.  Putting in $600 into the search field on craigslist is a depressing activity.  It does not raise a lot of nibbles.  But I am sticking to my plan.  I also put the bonus money in the bank today after work and went to Rainbow for a few groceries.  I stuck one-third of the bonus right into my savings account.  Along with the ten percent that I have been directed to also put in.  I am basically tithing to myself.  It’s not much right now, but I feel better having a little buffer.  And I may very well need it for a damage deposit on whatever room I do move into.

I am fairly certain I will get the full amount back on my deposit for my current apartment, but it never seems to happen that you get back your deposit from your old place in time to put down the deposit for your new place.  I want to have that all settled out without having to negotiate.

The only draw back of the current job is that the space is cold.  Which is a nice change from doing the nanny share as the condo was always, always, always, over heated and stale.  The shop door basically opens out directly to the elements.  And boy, the temperature dropped today!  And it rained!  Fuck.  Hello winter.

Sigh.  I knew it was coming, but I was hoping for one last nice weekend.  Oh well.  I am going to have to update my rain gear.  I have “outgrown” my rain coat.  It’s an extra-large that was tight when I bought it and now it bags off me.  It’s a really nice rain coat, a North Face I dropped about $85 on, so I have been loathe to replace it, but it’s stupid big and since I got that little extra cash I think I will invest in a better fitted raincoat.

And a new sweatshirt.  I was hoping to get a Mission Bicycle Company sweatshirt, but they are out of stock.  The clothing there is a little on the boy centric side of town, hopefully having a lady about the shop will encourage some more feminine gear as well.  Especially as the girls love this bike too.

When I had a moment, and there were not a lot of them, the time really flew by, I off and on daydreamed about what my bike will look like when I get it constructed.  You know I am going to have to have one.  They are just to scrumptious.  I was thinking cream frame with a mossy green crank and soft pink and cream tires, drop bars, 11 speed internal gearing (everybody seems to think all the bikes are one speed or fixies and they’re not!  They have three speed, eight speed, eleven speed, and eighteen!), a brown leather Brooks saddle, and a messenger basket.

Or maybe….

Yeah, I’ll be getting back to that once I secure a room!  And not before.  The bike is total fantasy, I don’t need one, mine is completely fine and a good damn ride.  I also love, love, love, that I can park my bike inside.  I have had to park it outside the condo for the last year, regardless of the weather or the fact that I had various things stolen off the bike all year round.  It’s super nice to have a secure spot to keep it.  I don’t like having my bike on the street for too long, stuff happens to it.  Bicycle parts equal crack.

I do have a full brain and I did not really allot myself any down time, but I can foresee being really happy in my job and that’s exciting.  And the learning is exciting.  I learned more about computers and the internet and how to really get some work done.  I am learning skills that I can take with me everywhere.  I am super grateful for that.  And of course, I am learning about bicycles, which is also very cool.

I am looking forward to going in to work tomorrow instead of having trepidation.  That is a fucking miracle.

I will just remember to wear warmer clothing and bring a scarf!

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