This Thanksgiving Eve


My ride home from doing the deal was delicious, no traffic, gentle wind at my back, quick, quick, quick.

Although not as quick as the test drive I went on earlier this evening.  I finally got to take a ride on a Mission Bicycle.

Oh dude, I am so sold.  It was glorious, and fast, fast, fast.  Holy fuck it was fast.  I want one now.

I looked at Jefferson and said, screw finding a place to live, screw coming up with rent, I want this right now.  Wowzers.  Such a simple machine, so efficient, so elegant in design, so freaking light, 20 lbs, I am a total convert, and I just went for literally a two-minute ride.  From the front of the shop turned right on 19th, right on Lapidge, right on 18th, right back onto Valencia.

I was a believer by the time I had hit 18th and I was grinning like a mad man by the time I was riding down Lapidge, and yes, that was me you may have heard give out a “oh, hell yes,” as I spun the right onto 18th.  I simmered it down as I made the right turn back onto Valencia, and tried, “tried” to put on a straight, somber face, but I was grinning ear to ear.

Jefferson popped back out of the shop like clockwork, he’s got the timing down, and said, “that’s the grin”.

You bet your ass it’s the grin.  He walked me through the rest of the sale and how it is done, skipping some of the specifics and upgrades, which pretty much anyone in the store can bring me up to speed on, I finally have the knowledge to get a person out the door and onto a bike.  And frankly, I feel, once you’re on the bike, there is no going back.

I went right to the kiosk in the store and designed my bike.  One speed freewheel, 59 cm frame in Periwinkle, drop bars, black Brooks saddle, a set of Velocity deep V wheels in pink, a Sugino crank in pink, MKS street pedals, black double strap toe cages with Plemmons pink leather straps, Thomson Elite seat post in black, Chris King Head set with pink spacers, and a KMC rust buster black chain.  Cost of the bike?


I can not believe I did not even bat an eye at the cost.  Not an eye.  A year and some change ago that would have been astronomical.  Two years ago, no way.  Four years ago I would have said, light up your crack pipe mister, that’s bullshit.  No longer.  That’s a fucking steal for this machine.  Custom built, custom designed.  No one else on market does this, no one.  Not like this.

My cost?

None of your business.


Let’s just say, a wee bit cheaper and leave it at that.  This may be the first year in tax season where I don’t spend my taxes on getting tattoos and I will spend my taxes getting a new bicycle, although I may have enough to sneak in a little work.  I had thought I would also be getting the internal hub with an 8 speed, but after riding the one gear, I don’t think I need the gears.  My legs seemed to instantly remember the cadence needed to be on a one speed and I don’t intend to live any big hills in the near future.

I will of course keep my road bike, my trusty Felt 35, but I can use that for, well, riding over the bridge to Marin and meandering around Fairfax or Sausalito.  For my urban steed, I choose one of our bikes.

It was the perfect break at the perfect time.  I had sat down with the GM and he had discussed a project that he wanted me to be in charge of and get as creative with providing a system for it as my heart desired.  I felt like I was being talked to in Mandarin or Martian.  I just sat there and nodded along.  I had absolutely no idea what the fuck he wants me to do.

Ok, that’s not true.  I just got flustered as I have a good idea of what the end goal is, but I can’t see how to get there.  It is sort of like knowing that you are going to buy a house, but you don’t have a checking account and you are suddenly being told that you will in less than 30 days have gone through all the paperwork and crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s and you will have a house.

I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of the project and the task at hand.  I said as much, well, maybe not quite like that, I just said I did not know exactly how to create a system to deal with the issue when I did not understand a lot of the components of the project.  He asked me to give him an overview of what he was looking for.

I did.  Amazingly I was able to articulate what he wanted and how it should look, ie what the end goal was.  It was sort of like describing a succulent dish in a high-end restaurant where you don’t know how to pronounce the ingredients and you’ve never tried the dish, but you must figure out how to source the right broccoli rabe to corroborate the wild plum sauce on the crispy duck.  And you don’t know what duck is.

My duck is Quick Books.

I am sure once I try it and cut it up and dissect it, I will get it and become able to do what is needed.  But my brain filled up so quickly, I felt like I was on a sinking ship and that I was not going to ever get it.

It made the looming holiday seem very, very, very far away.

It made my head hurt.  Partially my head hurt from looking at a computer screen a whole bunch today.  Partly my head hurt because it was so full of information.  The bike ride came at a really needed time.  I got some fresh air, a lift in my spirits, and a gentle reminder that the goal, the ultimate goal is to get more people on this amazing vehicle.

Do you know it’s guaranteed for life?  That is crazy.  Who guarantees anything for life.  Jefferson broke it down for me–the frame is built to last 50 years, and well, that’s pretty much for life if you ask me, at least as I am heading into my 39th birthday month here in a few days.  I can’t imagine riding around when I’m 89.  Then again, I’m pretty fucking frisky, I may still be on a seat, I hope anyhow.  I want to be one of those people who stay active as long as possible.

This bike is the way to go.

So, tonight, I wish all my friends and family a lovely Thanksgiving.

I myself will be sleeping in, letting the brain rest and recuperate from the information over load and I will fall asleep dreaming about my pretty bike and how in a few months I will be sailing down the streets with that same silly grin plastered all over my mug.

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