And Let the Shopping Begin!


Are you in line yet at Target? Or Wal Mart?  Or whatever other big box store you are standing in line at.  Or you could skip the line and go to the Gap today, it was open when I went down Powell street to catch the BART to the Mission.

Of course lower Powell street was awash in tourist, mainly Europeans, and Thanksgiving is an American holiday, so I was not surprised to see a few places down there open.

I was a little taken aback to see Gap was open, and yes, I did wander through.  I was like a month drawn into the light.  Remember that scene from Poltergeist?

Don’t walk into the light, Carol Anne!

Wow, how the fuck did I get in here and what am I doing looking at this display of holiday garbage for children.  I had a moment of I must bring something for the girls I was seeing today at the Thanksgiving dinner I had been invited to.  As though I am not enough.

When I got to my Thanksgiving destination I was corralled upon walking in and told I was the funnest to play with, and sat down and asked to read from the gigantic Richard Scarry book. I was not sat down and asked what trinkets I had brought with me.  It was pretty awesome.  I only had to bring me, I am enough, I suffice.  People want me for my company, not for the goodies I bring.  There is that part of me that pops up once in a while and says pretty clearly, you, yeah, you, you’re not enough.

But I am and it was pretty awesome to escape from Gap unscathed with my wallet safely tucked into my purse.  I do need to do a little shopping, but it’s groceries, and there’s was no way that what  I want to buy for myself was going to be available in any of the stores that would have been open today.

I saw a few hardy souls had braved Whole paycheck, they must have been open for a half day, but I just did not want to do that.  I spent my money on BART fare and coffee.

I also got a manicure.


In the Mission from the Vietnamese ladies at Center Nails.  I had an inkling that they would be open and they are normally really busy when I go, I slipped in and out and got my nails done.  It was my little treat, that and the latte I got a Muddy Waters on Valencia and 24th before I headed to Mrs. Fishkin’s for dinner.

I had plenty of moments to reflect on my life today as I sat with my Burning Man family, my extended family, and had tea and watched the sunset over the city.  And a really fabulous Thanksgiving dinner.  I was reflecting as I washed up after that it may have been the best Thanksgiving I have had in the city since I moved here.  What a gift.

Speaking of gifts and being present, did you see the sunset tonight?  It was spectacular.  Glorious, a wonder.  I love San Francisco.

And I love that I am about to embark on an adventure.  Janis gave me a little tip today, one which I think I have been coming to the conclusion in my head about, but did not have it so iterated the way she put it to me today.  She was speaking of the month that she had after she and her boyfriend broke up that she crashed at various girl friends and friends houses around San Francisco and how it was like being in Europe back packing around.

I had that exact thought this morning when I was writing my morning pages and patting myself on the back for reserving a U-haul to basically move my stuff into storage.  I came to the conclusion that I was about to launch out into the “wilds” of San Francisco, I have been calling December my month of urban retreat, but I like the back packing through Europe analogy even better.

And I have seen tourists here doing it, they come, they stay in hostels, they explore the city.  I get to do that too.  I will be on sabbatical in my own city.  I will become a tourist where I live.  I will investigate and go to places that I don’t get to or haven’t been in a while.  I get to be untethered and adventuresome.

Frankly, I rather enjoy that perspective than the freak out anxiety ridden woman I have been over the last few weeks.  I have accepted that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  I don’t know how it’s all going to fall together, but it will.  I know what my priorities are and I know where I need to show up for my commitments, aside from that I am free.  I am free to enjoy the adventure that is San Francisco.

I am going to start by not going into work tomorrow.  I don’t have to be there, I am not going to do it.  I don’t have to make up the hours I am “losing” I can take the day off.  I can have a holiday, because, frankly Saturday and Sunday I will be busy packing it all up and paring it all down.  My pile of stuff for the sidewalk sale keeps getting bigger.  I am cleaning house, let me tell you, there are going to be some good pickings on Saturday, come on down.  I will be out in front of 1302 Taylor St at Washington from probably 10a.m. to whenever it starts to get dark, 5 pm or so.  There’s going to be good shit.

Tomorrow, however, I am not worrying about it, or the move, or the U-haul, or work or not working.  Tomorrow I am going to meet Tami for breakfast at Boogaloos, and maybe Joan.  Then I will be going on a coffee date.  Not just one but two.  I have a date with Shannon at 3:30 p.m. at Four Barrel, and I also have another date.

With a boy.


I don’t know exactly when we are getting together, he’s going to call in the morning, but I will not be going into work.  Sorry work, I don’t actually have to be there and I made a woman’s decision, I call going out on a date with a super cute boy more important than doing data entry or fielding e-mails, or waving off the people peering into the shop who really want to spend their money on Black Friday shopping for bicycle stuff.

Nope, I am going to go hang out with a guy.

Super duper excited.

And so the adventure begins.

Better than shopping any day.

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