No More Headaches!


I realized about three-quarters of the way through the day today that I did not have a head ache.  I was so startled I said, “oh my God,” out loud.

My co-worker Brian looked at me quizzically, and I told him that I was not having a head ache.  I have had a head ache every day since I started at my new job.

Today, co-incidentally, was my first day on the job wearing my new glasses.  I guess you can say they work!

I was able to get all my work done and then some.  I was able to sit and focus and do what was in front of me without feeling like my head was going to explode of my shoulders.  I cannot believe the difference.  I talked with my GM about it as well and let him know that I was feeling a lot better.

He said he had noticed, that my energy level seemed higher and that I seemed quite chipper.  I believe I can also attribute some of this to the fact that I am starting to get the feel of the shop and what I need to be doing.  I’m getting quicker and I am feeling more comfortable in my role and what I am doing.

It also does not hurt that the stress of the move is done.  At least for the time being, I do not have to think about when I am going to pack, what am I going to sell, where am I going to live, who’s going to get what in their storage space and how am I going to deal with the fucking cats, the albatrosses of love around my neck.

I am settled.  And nicely so, in Potrero Hill for the next nine days.  It is an easy commute to work.  I love my “host family” and I of course am quite happy to get some Reno time in under my belt.  I also like that I can be of service to the family.  I am going to watch Reno Thursday night for them and probably a day or two more in the time that I will be here.

The cats have mellowed and I feel like I can breathe.

I may also have a place to stay at the end of December!  What?  I don’t know that I am going to talk about it too much at this time, suffice to say, it would be with some one I know, a good friend, who loves me and knows I have cats.  We will be in discussion about it soon.  It is too early to say, but as of a few minutes ago, I may have a room.  In of all places, the neighborhood I just moved out of.  In of all places, one fucking block higher up the hill.


I had me some aspirations to live in the Mission, people, land of the flat bike ride.  It looks like God wants me to continue developing my leg muscles.  No rest for the wicked.  I am pretty stoked.  It is crazy how things are working out and it just keeps getting more and more interesting.  At least I would know the bike commute like the back of my hand!

This recent development also helps put the kibosh on the not so quiet suggestion my brain has been making over the last day or two, hey why don’t you

just move over to West Oakland, rents are cheap.  Just move in with N____.

Not so fast, there, brain, nice try.

As I can see it, that would be one way to make sure the relationship ends really, really, really fast.  Because nothing says slow and steady like moving into a guys place after a month of dating.  We have yet to confirm a third date, although I am fairly certain it is in the works, he hasn’t asked me out yet for the date.  So, to go off future tripping is ridiculous.  Fact is, I don’t want to commute to and from Oakland.  Especially not on the BART and on a bike, that would seriously suck.  Especially since, I would need to be commuting during commuter hours and I would not be able to have a bike on BART.

No thank you.

The only other thing that seals the end of a relationship faster than moving in together prematurely is getting the person’s name tattooed on yourself.

I hereby pass on both.

The only draw back to moving back to Nob Hill is that my friend’s place doesn’t have laundry on site and he lives on the fourth floor of a five story walk up with no elevator.  Oh well, there is a laundry mat on the corner, I have been past it plenty of times, and again, God apparently really wants me to continue with the leg exercise–add stair master into the bike mix, holy crap, I will never ever be able to wear skinny jeans.  Not that I need to aspire to any more hipster attire, the glasses have pretty much sealed the deal on that.


I wouldn’t have to think about getting a gym membership either!  That was the other thought that has been cycling around my brain, if I am not riding up and down enormous hills I won’t get the kind of work out I have been getting and I will need to incorporate some sort of exercise routine to keep up with the body of the man who has been asking me out.

John Ater told me to drop the insecurity bit, that I get to show up and just be myself and let him like me for who I am.  And according to one of the texts I received from N_____ last night he finds me super hot and sexy and likes spending time with me.

Fuck yeah.

So, insecurities go back into the hole you crawled out from and shut the fuck up.

What a day, what a crazy past couple of days.  Changes all over the place.  Hard to even fathom the amount of change that has happened.  I have so far survived it pretty well unscathed.  I returned the U-haul, which by the way, can we just say false advertisement.  What is up with the whole, $19.95 bit?  Twenty bucks my ass.  To rent it cost me $60.50 for the time I used it and I had to put fifteen dollars in gas in the thing, that adds up to seventy five dollars.

Not that I am not grateful, I am.  I had the money, basically having the side-walk sale covered the costs of my moving expenses.  And I am glad that I did not need to pester anyone with the whole borrowing of your truck or vehicle, but still.  It sure as fuck was not twenty dollars to do it.  Oh well, it’s done, it was returned and I am so beyond grateful for the help of my friends.  Kevin and Beth for busting out the fastest load up and unload I have ever done.  Shannon and Alex for letting me return the love seat and store my bed and desk at their place.  Robyn for letting me store stuff at her place and for having me “house sit” for her while she’s in Australia.

I am blessed.  I really am.

The no head aches, well, that is just the sprinkles on the cherry on the hot fudge sunday of my life right now.

Hell yes.


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