Hello Revelers


You are a happy noisy bunch tonight.  Happy New Year’s to you.  Some of you are probably already passed out as I cannot imagine you getting into a bar as intoxicated as you were when you accosted me and my coffee as I left Muddy Water’s on Valencia and 24th….

At 7:30 p.m.

That’s right, the falling down drunk was already falling down drunk.  I suppose it was New Year’s some where in the world at that point, right?

I am currently ensconced in a lovely flat in the Mission while merry parents revel in the flat above and children dream of dinosaurs.  It is not exactly quiet, it is the Mission, it is New Year’s Eve, but it is quieter than many a New Year I have been a party to.

I was reflecting as I walked over from my digs in Bernal to the nanny gig in the Mission, on the many interesting New Year’s Eves I have had.  Some of them fun, some of them not so much.  The many, many, many service industry ones I worked, to the eventually not working on New Year’s to, oops, working on New Years again.

I think this will be the last time I do this.  I had a moment when I copped a huge resentment, damn you parents having your fun, then I realized, I was the person who said yes to working.  And not that I had plans anyhow.  I think, oops, the dreaded “think”, that I should.  I should be dancing somewhere.  I should be getting kissed somewhere….

But all this lady has planned for tonight is to have another cup of tea here in a moment and make sure the bunny rabbits are all snuggled down for the night.

I am back on my old computer, which is now my “new” computer.  Apple had to replace the hard drive.  Which isn’t such a huge thing as I have so much backed up elsewhere, but I realized, damn it man, that I had not backed up my music.

Oh well.

Then I realized, wait!  I am about to move into Calvin’s house.  Calvin has scads and scads of music.  I will be spending some time burning cds at his house, I can already see it.

I winnowed out a few more things today as I got the necessary things packed and ready to go for the relocation to Nob Hill tomorrow.  It feels a little strange, but I am just letting what is happening, well, happen.  I don’t have to know why, why never did me any good any how.

I will admit, recognize, and acknowledge, that I was a little sad and a little overwhelmed as I wrapped up things at Robyn’s place today.  Tonight will be my last night for a little while with the cats, and I have too much stuff.  Not too much stuff, but just enough extra to move to Cal’s that I questioned what I was doing with it and whether or not to put it down in the storage unit.

But that felt defeatist and I thought, no, I am going to want some of these things when I do find a place and I will want them too if I should happen to have a date.

Now where in the world did that thought come from?

I was questionning it, “you are a suspicious thought”.  But it was not really a thought so much, as intuition?  A gut feeling, a moment of no, you are going to keep that extra bag of clothes with you with that one pair of heels and you are going to keep that dress with you and that coat too.  I almost stashed it all downstairs, but it was saying nope I am coming with you, so it’s by the door ready to waltz over to Nob Hill.

Just in case any of you out there are secretly waiting to ask me out.

That was not a proposition.  Not sure I could proposition you anyhow, I don’t know who you are.

Although, I have to say, it was a little bittersweet to go back and read a “recent” blog, the one I wrote about pozole.  Some one google searched pozole and it popped them to my blog.  That was the post I wrote about Mister West Oakland and I having a kanoodle fest in the Mission, and the post in which I got my New Year’s Eve kiss, a few weeks early.

He was not the “One”, obviously, but it was sort of nice to realize that in a backward kind of way, I did indeed get my kiss.  It was just a smidgeon ahead of schedule.

However, I believe, with all my heart,  that 2012 will be full of delirious kisses and astounding surprises.  Surprises seem to be headed my way.  I can feel it, like the ache in my arms, some thing is up, the jig, my heart on my sleeve, I know not what, but some one this way comes.

I await.

And in the mean time I realized that although I don’t actually have any “resolutions”, aside from the only one I have had for the last six years and 11 1/2 months, I do actually have a goal to continue–my blog!

It was last year, about this time when I took up the post a day challenge.  And look, here it is one full year later and I have done it.

Well,not quite, but almost, pretty damn close, anyhow.  There were a few days when I did not post up, but for the most part I did.  And my stats show that.  I have had over 12,000 views on my blog in the last year, about a 1,000 a month, per average.  That is crazy!  The year prior, I had 400 reads.  Of course, I think I was only posting about once a month, maybe twice.

So, for all those of you out there with blogging aspirations, get on it!  Take the challenge, discover some things about yourself.

You’ll learn to type faster too!

It has been a pretty awesome year when it comes right down to it.  I have no complaints, my head may manufacture a few, but the reality of my life is this–I am blessed.

I am graced.

I am alive.

I have a job.

I have a place to stay tonight.

I have a “new” computer.

I have a new way of looking at the world, literally, I got glasses this year!

I have faith that it just keeps getting better.  I just keep getting better.  The best is yet to come, and come it will.  I know it.

I have had a few things taken away, but that is only to prepare me for the magic that is about to happen.



Sweetness and joy.

May all your dreams tonight be dreams of surrender and flight.

Happy New Years!


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