He came back!

I sold another bike.


The dude that tried out three different bikes then decided he needed to consult with his girlfriend about the color came back.  The dude who I was working with and neglected to re-lock his bike after he went for the third test ride and had the test ride stolen. And he bought the bike.  Thank God.  I mean if you’re going to lose a bike to theft at least you want to be able to pull a sale out of it.

I had given up the ghost and I tossed his paperwork in the recycling on Monday.  Good thing it hadn’t gone out yet!  I was able to retrieve it and get his bike into the queue.  Very satisfying.  Very.  So, that’s two this week.  I am on a roll!

I am definitely getting more comfortable there.  I still have things to learn, I may always, but I am not the floundering mess I was a couple of weeks ago.  I think it’s so funny how I expect to be perfect right away, to not make mistakes, to magically just know it all.  Of course when I’m in the shit it doesn’t feel like the learning is ever going to add up and then, poof!  It just does.

My day started out a little on the rocky side as I forgot my phone at Calvin’s but in the end, it was fine.  I did not really miss it, except for at the moment that I first got to work and went to grab for it.

And also, when I was needing to use it as a calculator as I was trying to settle out the books this morning at the shop and there was an anomaly in the system that I could not quite figure out.  The GM was there and I felt beyond stupid.  Pressure that only I put on myself.

Then he said, just use your phone as your calculator, I almost burst into tears as I didn’t have it on me and I am in a new routine and my phone isn’t where it’s suppose to be as I am in a new place and the wave of self-pity grew large and I wanted to smack him and say, it’s all your damn fault anyhow, you wanted me to work here.

I just got up, walked away, went to the bathroom, had my moment, had a little chat with the powers that be and walked back out onto the floor and did what needed to be done.  And I had some insight.  And a pause.  A breath.  And I got reset.  It was good.

I also got to tweak my bike a little.  The handle bars that I wanted were not available.  So, went with a different style, appropriately enough, called the Junebug.  I love it.  The will also work better for the bike and for my riding style.  It was really cool to sit and talk with the head mechanic and go over my specs.  It was also kind of cool to get the hit of approval from him on my design.

He thinks it’s going to be a sick looking bike.


And the tire, the last one, the Popsicle Purple Velocity B43, was left and has been ordered for me.

I also got to have the experience of putting through the paint order to our painter down in South City.  I got to order a style of paint that no one else is getting.  It was exciting. I also confirmed that I will be able to get my tax papers on time and with getting my tax forms from my old family I will be able to get an early return in.

I do this every year.  Get my taxes done as early as possible.  Get that return back quick and then turn around and spend it faster than it took me to do the paperwork.  I never thought I would be that person who does all their stuff online.

I remember a guy I used to work with, who granted was ahead of the curve, who did everything online, rent, taxes, banking, bill pay.  I was like no way.  I don’t think I was even using my check register adequately at that time, let alone being able to navigate my way around online banking and bill paying.

Now, I do everything that way.  It is just so much easier.  The last bill standing, that I was paying via snail mail with a paper check, has now been officially converted into an online bill pay.  I sort of had my hand forced, as I did not know what my address was going to be and I did not want my student loan paperwork to get lost in all the forwarding of my addresses.

Everything is digital.

Shit.  I am actually au currant.  Who the hell would have thought that possible.

I am also changing up my goal for submitting my work.  I think it needs to go to once a week for the book and once a week for poem submissions.  I am just about out of stuff to submit.  And it was feeling sloppy.  That being said, I am changing up my weekend plans.

I am now going to reserve Saturday afternoons as my writing day.  This will be my day to work on new projects and get my materials ready for submittal.  I am going to find a coffee shop with internet and I will prep my work.  I will sit down for an hour and do what needs to be taken care of.

I am also going to apply to writing fellowships.

I have tried the MFA route and the graduate school route and I keep getting shut down.  What if I apply for fellowships instead?  What if apply to programs that would pay for me to write?

I will be doing some exploration around this.  Last night as I was dropping off to sleep on the couch I kept hearing it repeated over and over and over in my head–write, write, write.  It was at both times obnoxious and some what soothing.

At least I am not struggling with the idea anymore of who or what I should be, I am embarrassing the writer in me and not being embarrassed about not being published, that will come.  And I am being ok with working in a bike shop 40 hours a week to accomplish this goal.  It’s the perfect job.  I am getting done early enough to be able to take care of my outside needs and to write my blog.

I go into work late enough that I can take that extra time in the morning to write my morning pages without shorting myself sleep and without stressing about getting to work on time.  Not being accountable for 50 hour work weeks is huge.

The comfort level too that I am gaining in the job is helping me to not carry work home with me.  I get to leave it at work.  When I’m done, I’m done.

One of my co-workers put it beautifully to me the other day.  He said that when I get stressed out to just remember, it’s a bike shop.  I am not in charge of saving the world. It’s just a bike shop.

Whew.  What a relief.

A bike shop where I am actually beginning to sell bikes!


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