Slow Down!


Second bike crash in two weeks.  Good lord, I am being handed a message.

Granted this was not a spectacular crash and it was truly just a wee accident, but yup, another bruised elbow, scraped knee, and smacked hip.

I left work in a hurry to go see a room for rent.  The falling off my bike should have been a  sign, as should have the I cancelled my tea plans with Beth to see the room.  It was so not worth cancelling on a friend.  Next time, I will remember that.

Besides, I know that if it’s meant to be it will be and no amount of hustle and let’s make this shit happen, will make it actually happen.

I had left work, hugged a co-worker good-bye (can I just say it’s nice to work at a place where I hug my co-workers!) and in the process we knocked over my bike, inadvertently knocking the chain askew.  It was not quite off the derailler, or I would have noticed.

I hopped my bike into the bike lane, turned on my lights, looked both ways, popped my right foot into my track pedals, clipping my shoe into the pedal, pulled it up and stood up into the pedal.  I made a half rotation and lifted my left foot up to clip into the other pedal and the chain popped off my crank and I fell over.


Fortunately I was not going very fast.


I got the chain back on, washed my hands, and tried again.

I got to the house with a few minutes to spare and looked around.  San Jose Street at 28th.  Not bad, outer Mission, easy ride to work, I can dig it.  Outside of the house looked pretty cool.  But the moment I saw the feet heading down the stairs I knew, this is not it.

Oh boy, was that not the room for me.  The whole house reeked of stale cigarettes and listerine?  Some sort of mouth wash.  Grossness.  The place was carpeted top to bottom in some dingy carpet that once might have been cream but is now some sort of dirty matted mushroom color.  Let me not to describe the bathroom.

Suffice to say that despite needing to pee, I held it.

Josesph, the tenant was dirty, smelt off, cannot quite pin it.  I don’t think he was the smoker, but there was some sort of chemical tang to his smell that was really odd.

I found out why momentarily.

The room, as advertised did indeed have an enormous window and would definitely get lots of morning sunlight and had a spectacular view of Bernal Hill.  It used to be Joseph’s home office, where he brought his clients.

He told me he worked with kids.

Pervy.  Kind of weird, why would you bring a child back to this weird odd smelling apartment?

He dipped his hand into a bowl on the desk and held up this odd metal utensil.

“Do you know what this is”?

Uh, no.  I was truly flummoxed.  I was trying to figure the correlation.  Was it some sort of odd musical instrument?  A Jews harp maybe?

“No,” I said after a long pause.

“It’s a lice comb”.

Oh ew!

Joseph is a delouser.  And the room he wants to rent out used to be his office?  Oh barf, barf, barf.

I instantly felt itchy.

We walked out of the room to get the tour of the rest of the place and I attempted to gauge when is the polite time to tell him I was not interested.  Then I realized, no better time than the fucking present!

I interrupted, said, thank you so much for your time, but this is not a fit for me.  Good luck.  We shook hands, ew, and I scurried down the steps and out the door.

I got on my bike and pedaled off to the Castro to meet my fellows.  Where upon I realized when I got to my destination that I had forgotten my shoes at work and I was supposed to go dancing.

Well, god damn it.

That’s when I realized, maybe I don’t want to be on my bike coming home from Public Works at 1 am right when it’s getting crazy out there.  I could really get me a smack down on the bike.  I had every intention on going dancing so I rode back to work to get my shoes and I left my bike there.

I am taking tomorrow off from riding.  I am going to allow myself a day of slowing down.  I will walk.  I will BART to the Mission tomorrow for my commitment and hang out and walk around.  I will take my computer with me and do some work in a cafe some where.

I will work on my book submission and I will work on my book proposal and sketch out some ideas.  Maybe I will go to Dog Eared and get a good used book and sit for a while in Borderlands cafe and read.

I don’t have to go anywhere fast tomorrow.  I may even opt to leave my bike at the shop until Sunday afternoon.  I will want it to ride into work on Monday morning.  But I don’t have oodles of plans this weekend.

Maybe I’ll go on an artist date.

What ever it is, I will go mellow.  I will go slow.  I will just be in the moment and drift like a seed pod down the river.  Perhaps I will take myself out to a nice lunch or dinner.  I should do a little grocery shopping.

Oh boy, I can tell I am up past my bedtime!   My blog just rambled off into grocery shopping plan lands.  Time to put myself to bed.

Hmmm, perhaps another quick cup of tea and then slumber.  I did go dancing too, it’s been a full week.  I did move again this week, that tends to take the stuffing out of me anyhow.

The tick tock girl is winding down.

Time to nestle down on the couch.


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