Chicken and Waffles?



Chicken and blue jeans!

The best ever.

No, this is not some new fangled dish that I have whipped up, rather it is the date I had with Shannon today.  Can I just say, fantastic?  I got a latte, a ride to Nordestrom’s Off the Rack, a suggestion for a brand name pair of jeans (I have been desperately looking for a replacement pair as I am down to one pair of jeans and the poor things are dying on me since I wear them all the time), Paige Jeans, and a run to Trader Joes.

Holy moly.  Now that’s a date!

The sunshine on my face woke me up this morning.  Sunshine on my face, oh so nice, especially after the crazy rain and monsoon of last night.  I was not looking forward to a wet day today, and it never happened.  It was chilly and blustery, but it did not rain.  I left the bicycle in the garage nevertheless.  I did not want to risk it, the weather was uncertain and a break once in a while, oh, you know, slowing down, is good for a girl.

I had a nice shower, loads of good coffee, scrumptious oatmeal (this weeks recipe is organic whole cut oats, laced with ripe organic bananas and organic dark red cherries from Rainbow.  Add sea salt, raw cocoa, pumpkin pie spice, ginger, cinnamon, and fresh nutmeg.  Spike with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  Sit in sunlight and savor life).

What was I upset about last night?

I wrote out my morning pages, did a little inventory, took an amazingly hot shower and put on a dress and tights and my glitter scarf and embraced myself for being who I am instead of comparing my exterior to some one else.  That made for the real contentment.

I walked down Nob Hill caught the 49 to the Mission and hung out with my fellows before going to Four Barrel and getting acquainted with a lovely lady friend.  Then Shannon got a hold of me and said, hey want a ride anywhere?  I am going to meet you with the car.

Oh yes, yes please!

Friends, darling friends, how you endear yourselves to your carless compatriots here in this hilly city.

She picked me up at 2:30 p.m. in front of hipster heaven, I mean Four Barrel, and we headed off to the Rack.  And I noticed for the first time her licence plate–


Freaking adorable.

We got caught up and I told her I needed blue jeans and underpants and we went shopping.  I also told her I wanted to get a chicken to roast off.  I have a full plate tomorrow and knew I would not be able to do any cooking for the rest of the weekend.  Plus, I confirmed that I will be able to move into my new room on Sunday!

So, the chicken, if it was to be cooked, would need to be done tonight.

Well, before there can be shopping at TJ’s the Rack had to be hit.  I have to say it is an experience that I have infrequently had–clothes shopping with a girlfriend.

I get it now, it rocks!

In the past clothes shopping with girlfriends was a very rare occurrence, one in which I would silently mope around while said girlfriend was trying on clothes that were many sizes too small for me.  It’s hard to shop someplace when you are a 26/28 and your girlfriends are size 8 or 6 or 10s.

Today, size 10.  Today a medium.  So nice to not dig through the shop hoping that maybe, just maybe that XL will fit.  Or that there even be an XL around.  Or if there is it’s not a hideous mumu style kimono dress that a color blind person would wear in a dark room by themselves with the mirrors shrouded in black.

And Shannon’s recommendation on the Paige Jeans, spot the fuck on!  They are fabulous.  I knew as soon as I pulled them on.  Fit perfect, long enough in the leg, nice flare at the bottom, don’t sit funny on my hips not too high, not too low and my butt, well, let’s just say it looks good.


After a successful raid of the Rack we went to Petes and splurged on lattes.  I have one about once a week, that’s my big treat.  It was delicious and the company was awesome.  We talked about Burning Man, which by the way, how is it that I find Burning Man costume stuff in January all over the place–furry vests, amazing tights, zebra print panties–but it makes no sense to buy it.  I am not going to wear any….

Who am I kidding? I will wear a furry vest and amazing tights and zebra print panties.

But, I resisted the pull of the tights and the maribou and the shoe sale on the second floor and just got the jeans and the underpants I needed to get.  My god, there may actually be a true grown up underneath all these tattoos, I practiced financial restraint.

Although, I did go a little nuts in TJs.  Not crazy.  Just got a few more things than I probably need, but I figure, when do I get to go grocery shopping and have a ride in a car and not be lugging all my shit up a hill on my bike?  Not very often.  So, I got some extra fixings to go with the chicken–carrots and red potatoes–and I roasted them right up.

I made roasted chicken with red potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower–smothered in garlic, rosemary, thyme, black pepper, sea salt, and drizzled with olive oil–then off to the laundry mat while it baked and voila!

I am set for the week.  My laundry is done.  My writing is almost done.  I have downloaded some Project Runway All Stars.  I have a belly full of chicken and the fixings for a weeks worth of meals.

All I have to do is get through the week and then….

New room!  New home!  My own bed!  My own space!  Oh god, you know I’m going there–

a room of my own.

I will dance around it in my new pants!

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2 Responses to “Chicken and Waffles?”

  1. sarah Says:

    I’m roasting a chicken today. what do you recommend?

    • auntiebubba Says:

      Organic chicken rubbed down with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, fresh rosemary, garlic salt or powder, olive oil. Roast at 350 F for about an hour and a half. Sometimes I like to put an apple in the cavity of the bird too, keeps it moist and adds nice depth of sweetness to the meat. Cook in a roasting pan and surround with red potatoes, cauliflower, turnips, carrots, chopped onions, then ladle the pan juices over the veggies and eat with a big smile on your face!

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