Time For A Space Heater


Yikes.  It is cold in here!  I need to get myself a space heater ASAP.

Which will patiently wait until pay-day.  I have spent just about what I can afford to spend on my little home.  I also made the mistake of believing the my eye is a good measuring instrument.

It is not.

My perceptions are often not true to form.  And when you go flying into Bed, Bath, and Beyond on a mission for a curtain rod as you forgot it when you were buying your new curtains, and don’t have the exact dimensions of your new window, well, oops, it does not always fit.

I thought I could sneak in a trip yesterday to the store and I was quite proud of myself when I was in and out of Bed/Bath/Beyond (to the moon and back!) and Trader Joes in fifteen minutes.


But, unfortunately, the rapidity of my trip was negated by the fact that I purchased the incorrect curtain rod size.  I need curtains.  You can see right into my room from the back patio area and yesterday Mama Aurora was talking to someone right out side my window and thank God I had a towel wrapped around me or they both would have gotten an after shower show. I will be returning to the scene of the crime, and although I will slow down enough to correctly purchase the right size!

Not going to let that happen again.  Yikes.  I do have some very sweet window treatments up.  I got a couple of nice little rigs for the windows (valances–I did not even know that I knew that was the item I was purchasing, but I bought two and they look right smart!).  One for the bathroom and one for the main room.  I also got a shower curtain, a spring rod to hang it from, a couple of bath mats and two nice new pillows.

They, the pillows, are so nice and new and squishy and wonderful that I may now need two more to replace the others I kept.  My bed, by the way, if I can just say it again, is so divine.  It is just the best thing coming and going.  Nothing, nothing, I say, gives a person more gratitude around having their own bed then sleeping on a red vinyl couch that is slippery for a month.

Granted, I was blessed to have that couch to stay on and I am forever grateful to all the people who put me up over the last eight weeks and change.  I have slept in attics, on couches, and in other people’s beds.  I have been fortunate to have slept on each and every one of them.  I have been like Goldilocks.

And now I have “just right”.

It is so alluring I want to go crawl into it right now.  It is also quite cold in here, as I stated at the beginning of this post, so the draw is really big.  I have a quilt and a comforter and a big huge stack of cozy pillows to pile around me.

Last night I heaved such a sigh of abandon upon crawling into my bed and pulling up the covers, if I were a person on the other side of the wall, well, I might have been tempted to believe there was a little somethin’ somethin’ happening in my room.

That is not the case.  Although, the freedom for that to happen is tempting.  But I am sticking to my guns on that.  No sexy sexy until I am in a relationship.

I have rather given up on that ever happening.  Although, I was pleased to run into a gentleman tonight that I have not seen in a few years and I feel like there were some sparks there.  Perhaps.

Hard to say.  I do know that it was really good to see him.  We have some mutual friends and even though we swim in the same school, his group of fish is in the Sunset and mine, well, mine is now in the Mission.  Funny how that happens, just a few neighborhoods away is like another universe.

The Sunset feels like galaxies away.  In reality, on my bike, the Inner Sunset is maybe a twenty-minute bike ride, the outer a half hour or so, depending on weather and traffic.  Yet, it feel so much longer and further away than that.

It has been a little while since I rode my bike out to the beach.  That would be a lovely thing to do.  Or I could also get a City Car share and drive out over the Golden Gate and go to Stinson Beach or Muir and do a little bonfire action.  I haven’t been to the either of those beaches in a while. Oh!  I could also go to Point Reyes and get oysters!  I feel a beach picnic coming on.

One of my most favorite things in the world is a bonfire on the beach.  I will manifest this soon.  I have a three-day weekend coming up, I will be helping out on a Saturday to allow a fellow co-worker a much need weekend off.  I am not doing back flips about it, but I like that I can help out.

It means I will work two weeks with odd days off.  One week I will have a three-day weekend as I will have the Monday off the week I work the Saturday.  But that means that the week that I go back to normal I will only have one day off.

Oh well, such is life.  I really am not complaining.  I think I will take one of those days in that three-day weekend and plan a car share and do a little day trip and possible night-time bonfire beach action.

I get  a head of myself.  For the moment I am focusing on getting the rest of the accoutrement for my new home–the proper curtain rod for the bedroom window, a throw rug for the by the bed, a space heater, and I need to pick up the shelving unit from Harrington’s.

I also want to get a microwave and a mini fridge.  I am going to make my space as self-sufficient as possible.

I think the space heater may need to be at the top of the list, however, my fingers are really cold from writing.  I am going to wrap this up, put on the kettle and heat up a big cup of tea and nestle into my cozy bed.

My bed.  Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways….


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2 Responses to “Time For A Space Heater”

  1. Shannon Says:

    We may have a space heater you can try out. It’s one of the ones which looks like a furnace, but is not.

    Takes a bit to warm a place, but not bad for a small room.

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