Ahhhh, Payday


I have such plans for you.  And then, we’re done.

Yup.  That was it.  I had such plans for you.  I must remember that I am paying rent this month, the couch surfing days of no rent are gone.

I have to sit down tomorrow and do my spending plan before I go out into the wilds of “nesting” land and feather up my little room.

I did get a microwave today.  From Rich in the Castro.  Another craigslist find.  Brand new, in the box, retro style, super cute, and he delivered it to me at work.  It’s in the design studio upstairs.  I reserved a City Car Share for tomorrow in the early evening.  I will be fully self-sufficient in my inlaw/studio by the end of tomorrow.

I am also getting my shelving unit from Harringtons.  And I am going to sneak in a big grocery shop at Rainbow.  I reserved the car for two hours.  I figure as long as I have a car for a few hours I may as well take it to the grocery store and stock up.

I am really quite liking this whole car share deal.  Not too expensive and quite convenient to my schedule and there seem to be a lot of little car pods around my neighborhood.

I am also going to get a space heater so that I may return Mrs. Fishkin’s to its proper home.  I am very happy with the little guy she gave me, and my toes have been toasty and my fingers have not been chilly.  Makes for writing my blog a whole lot nicer.

This morning as I sat here at my desk I was suffused with this feeling of gentleness and serenity.  I had a tummy full of warm oatmeal and organic apples, and a fresh pot of Stumptown coffee, Holler Mountain, in my French press.  The sunlight streamed through my window and I sat basking in the contentment that is having ones own space.

I feel really blessed and quite fortunate to have it.  And it was worth the wait.  It’s still a little awkward, I have been making breakfast in the kitchen and the patriarch still says nothing to me when I come through and say good morning.  But today, he smiled at me.

That’s a start.

I haven’t seen anyone else, although I hear them on occasion.  I also will be able to prance about naked if I want to–got my curtain rod today that fits the window properly.  I hung the bottom panels as soon as I walked in the door.  Well, first I turned on the space heater, then I hung the curtains.

This space is so distinctly different from the rest of the house, and so obviously me.  My co-worker, Carlos, gave me sweet gruff today when my microwave was dropped off at the store for me.  He teased me for being so girly.

You know you’re girly when a gay man teases you about it.

I admit it.  I really am.

On top of getting my abode done tomorrow, I will also be indulging in the girl and getting a manicure, pedicure, and eye brow wax.  I was going to celebrate my move in last weekend by doing that, but I got caught up unpacking and so, I went a week past my due.

My nails be ragged.  I typed  a lot this week.  And I did a lot of data entry at work.  Time for a little polish.  And a little relaxation.  It’s not a massage, but I do get to sit in a massage chair, and that is pretty sweet.

I garnered a lot of good suggestions about massage places, so I may use what I have not set aside for groceries, phone, student loans, and a few other sundries, toward a massage.  I am going to strive to be in the best of both worlds this weekend–get what I need to get done, laundry, grocery shopping, taxes, pick up appliances, do spending plan, with a little nice pampering of self tossed in there as well.

I may schedule a little session at Kabuki on Sunday.  Massage and hot bath.

Oh, good lord, I think I just drooled a little on myself.  That sounds super fabulously yummy.  I will check into that for sure.

Makes me chuckle to realize I already have my weekend mapped out.  I suppose I should leave a little room in there for spontaneity, for things to happen outside of my schedule and my plans.  There is also writing that must be done and places that must be gone to and commitments fulfilled.

I don’t want to schedule every last second of every last-minute of my weekend.  I get a little nervous with down time, with unscheduled time, but I need a little play time and a little slow down time in there as well.

Because, if I don’t I”ll probably end up crashing into something.  Or tripping on something.  I don’t need a reminder to slow down.  I will just remind myself to slow down right now.

I will start by not setting my alarm for tonight.  I will end by allowing my day to unfold however it is supposed to.  The one most important thing to do is spend an hour at Valencia and 15th.  The rest of the day will happen however it’s supposed to.

Hell, I can even cancel the car share if need be.  Although, I feel that to provide myself with the autonomy of my own cooking space, is an important thing to take care of.

So, two things that are scheduled for tomorrow.  The rest of it, will happen or it won’t.

I am not going to spend my precious time trying to figure it out.

That’s just crazy making.

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