Out With The Old


In with the new.

I rode my new bike home today.  It was a little nerve wracking.  I am not used to the frame yet and it is a different geometry than my road bike, but even from the little I rode tonight, I can tell that I am going to be loving it.

Weather was not great and I was not interested in getting the feel for my bike on slick streets.  I was very careful riding home and rode slowly.  I can see that this bike will be quick, quick, quick.


This is my first really nice new bike.  I have bought new before.  A hybrid from Pedal Revolution, five years ago.  But it was not a nice bike.  It was a cheapie that rapidly fell apart and had to have constant replacements made.  By the end of owning that bike I must have bought in triple what I paid.

A lesson I learned from.

Tonight I also handed over my Felt 35 road bike to Carlos.  Last night he signed up to do the AIDS LifeCycle and tomorrow, on my old bike, he will be going on his first training ride.  I feel like there is a lot of poetic justice to the Felt going to him.

And I am so glad to not be riding in clipless.  Although, I have to say, I wasn’t going to get cages, but I have already changed my mind.  In fact, on my first ride about–just around the block this afternoon while I was at work to make sure it was all fit properly–I almost said slap them on.

Now, after a slight commute, I know I want the toe cages.  I definitely don’t feel as secure on the pedals.  Yeah, I will have to give up wearing fancy pants shoes on my commute, but I would rather enjoy the commute.  Plus, I am still getting to wear regular shoes when I ride.  I won’t be as attached as on my road bike, but I will still be secured.

Tomorrow I will install some cages at work.  And they won’t be true cages any how, I am going to go back to the Hold Fast that I had picked out.  They’ll look good against the bike palette.  I also added a chain to the saddle.  I knew I would have it outside for an hour this evening, one of the few times this bike will be allowed locked up.  I was not willing to even humor the thought of leaving my sexy new saddle untethered.

Lance, who made me say, “aw shucks!” tonight (he said, “I’m proud of you!” when he was admiring my bike.  He’s a seasoned bicycle messenger–he knows bikes), had a great suggestion–plumbers putty.  Impossible to dig out and will harden like cement.  I will be making a trip to Discount Builders Supply this Sunday.  I will use some on the seat post and the rest on the seat underneath where it attaches to the seat post.

I will also keep the chain, doesn’t hurt.  I bought another lock as well–secondary security for the front tire.  I locked my bike up with three locks tonight.  I ain’t playin’.

Currently, I am looking at her, she’s inside.  I have not put up the pulley system yet, but after listening to the horror story a customer relayed to me this morning as he was re-ordering his bike, I was not leaving it outside on the back porch.

Some one told me the story of how his bicycle was completely ripped from the wall in his garage, the locking mechanism had been bolted into studs.  His garage was broken into and they yanked it off the wall.

Crack heads.

Yet, this person still wants to lock his bicycle up in his garage.

Now, you’re the crack head.

It will get stolen again, I assure you.  You have been marked.  Lock it indoors.  If you love your ride, lock it inside.  Please.

Unless you feel comfy dropping $1650 every other month, then lock it up outside.


Keep it close.  This particular person bristled when I suggested that, “OH, well, I only have 850 sq feet.  There’s absolutely not enough room.”

I call bullshit.  I have half that space and my bike is currently leaned up against my desk, why, I can reach out and stroke the saddle right now.


Making myself blush over here.

Bike porn.

That was what my bike was called before I took her home by another customer.



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