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I will admit to you right now that there is nothing of nutritious value in my blog today.  No rants, no recovery (well, that is debatable!), no boys (secretly may have a few on the mind, but god damn it they’re all FaceCrack friends.  You can’t write about boys if you know that might read your blog), no sex, nothing but a nice, normal day.

Normal.  That is all I aspire towards.  Not unique.  Not special.  Not anything above average.  Because when it comes right down to it I am above average in all things.

I am smarter than the average bear.  That doesn’t always work to my benefit, in fact, I am way too often a victim of my over active thought producer.

I am above average in my looks.  This is not modest neither is it vain.  It just is.  I would be lying if I said I was not extraordinarily grateful for the beauty that I have been graced with.

Then again, we are all beautiful.  And what may float my boat, definitely does not float another’s.

And the beauty thing is just a thing.  It has not brought me a boyfriend.  Although it has brought me attention and I am not immune to attention.  Some times it is annoying, drunk, cracked out crazy mixed Hispanic, white, black man, Walter who follows me around with merry derangement in the Mission cackling at me is not pleasant.

Nor is it amusing when he pretend faints in front of the nail salon when I am having a manicure pedicure on a Saturday afternoon.  The nail technicians at the salon do not know what to make of this.  I told him to go away and he goes away.  The staff always gives me a look when he wanders by.  I have an admirer.

I also do not live somewhere average.  I live in San Francisco, which conjures up all sorts of associations for a wide variety of reasons.  Meaning I am artsy, creative, crazy, tattooed, pierced, left-wing, underground, forward thinking, green, local vore, technology driven maven, who likes to go to raves.

Or something like that.

I was just thinking today how lucky it is that I get to have another day in San Francisco.  I am tremendously lucky.  I can boohoo all I want about not having a career or a path or a fill in the blank, but really, I get to live here.  There is no sky quite like San Francisco sky.

Nor is there the temperature variance that makes me walk on one side of the street versus the other.  The shady side is always cold.

I walked around the Mission this morning and as I did, I reflected, how damn lucky it is that I get another day in this city.  The light was clear and bright.  The trees imprinted visions of laced leaves on the cerulean blue sky and the robins sang from the roof tops.

I got my shelving unit from Harringtons and I got to have lunch with Tanya and Coco at St. Francis Fountain.  Such small place, mundane little things.  The essence of my life.  Throw in a good book and I am content as a clam.

I also had a nice ride through the Mission after I finished with my laundry.  I saw Carolyn for an hour, bumped into Jayne, and got to squeeze Joan before heading home to a hot dinner and a hot cup of tea.

Lazy Sunday.  I am almost smug in my contentment.

I expressed to a fellow earlier today that I once equated happiness with excitement.  Or drama.  Something to make my adrenalin jump was “happy”.  Now, happy is breathing in the smell of a late afternoon wood fire being stoked in a fireplace on Dolores Street as the day winds down.  Happy is gazing at the sky with the sun warming the back of your neck.

Happy is a hot cup of tea and a cozy home.

I am happy.  I was also useful today and just a snick of service to a few others.  That makes the day go smooth too.

My thinking would like to manufacture some dis-ease in this bucolic setting.  I should be writing something more entertaining and sexy.  I should be working on a project or focusing on submissions.  I should just chill out.  My thinking is lazy right now too.  Truthfully, the thinking today has been pretty quiet.

I got sunshine today.  I got sleep.  I got laundry.  I got lunch, and a bump into darling Robyn.  I got to play dance party at the diner with Coco in her high chair to Prince.  I got to hug a lot of wonderful people today.  I have listened to music and danced and eaten nice food and my bed is made with fresh sheets.

I have no complaints, no wants, no thoughts to anything other than watching the night sky turn to midnight blue and letting the kettle heat up a little more water for tea.

I am off to snuggle into a book and a tea and maybe a movie in my pajamas.

The do not disturb sign is now on the door.

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