Are You A local Celebrity?



I was in the check out at Whole Paycheck, grabbing some groceries after work tonight before heading to the place to do the thing, and the check out guy asked me that.

I did a double take.  I almost looked over my shoulder, is Robin Williams getting some prosciutto behind me?

Am I what?

“A local celebrity?”

Well, I am famous in my own mind.  I have no clue what this guy was referring to.

“I work at a bike shop,” is what I replied.  Truth be told, I do know a lot of people, but not because I am famous, I just happen to know a lot of people, ahem.  I realized I had been greeted by a few people in line, including another bagger, and a bunch of shoppers.  I guess I am known, but not how he suspects!

I have always wanted to be famous, but I have never really achieved anything other than a mild infamy.

I chuckled and got my groceries and headed back out into the rainy night.  My feet are still cold.  My fingers are cold and my shoulders are achy from being hunched over the space heater at work all day long today.

It was cold!  It was wet! and I still sold a bike.

Not bad for a wet days work.  I got keys made for the new workshop space across the street and down the block.  Set up payment plans for our insurance, paid bills, entered invoices into Quick Books, connected with vendors, answered questions about the new bike, rang up sales, drank a lot of hot tea and more coffee than normal, and made it through the day.

I am tired.  But it is the weekend.  My weekend.  I get my two days off.  I felt that there were things that needed to be addressed still as I was getting ready to leave the shop, but I just had to shut down the laptop, pull in the till, lock the door and get out.

I did my best.

I have lost track of how many bikes I have sold since I’ve been there.  I am not quite as excited to sell one bike, now I am ready to sell two or three at a go.  If it had been a normal weather kind of day it would have been cray cray.  As it was, I am rather grateful it was mellow.

The kinks are still getting worked out with our work shop and build space now being off premise.  The kinks will probably continue to get worked out for some time.

I could use some working out of the kinks in my shoulders.  Ack.  I am tired.  I am getting used to doing a lot of computer work, but sometimes when I sit down to write the blog at the end of the day I am over being at a computer screen.

I also went and looked over Scott’s proposal again as far as what he wants done with his writing and what kind of direction he wants to take things.  I don’t understand a lot of the technical stuff he is doing, but I do understand how he wants an “average” person to interpret his work.

I believe I can be of service here and help out.  At first glance I was rather overwhelmed by the whole thing.  Then I looked at it again, letting my brain digest a little more, then I looked again, then I got it.

I will probably start addressing what he needs for his website content either tomorrow afternoon or Monday.  I also have to finish my own submission to City Lights.  I thought I was going to have it taken care of today, but I stayed up “late” last night.

I got sucked into Zefrey’s daily photos on his website.  I had not been on it for a long, long time, and for some reason I remembered it and wanted to see what he had posted up.  The next thing I know it’s an hour later and I have looked at hundreds of photos.

It was like taking a little trip down memory lane and remembering so many faces, a lot of faces that I don’t see anymore and I wonder where they have gone.

Oh, I have an idea, and that idea is not the most pleasant.  I could lie to myself and say, oh they moved, or they got a job and now work opposite hours,  but I know the truth.  A lot of those faces are gone.

I am awfully lucky to still be here.  Sitting in a chair, bitching about having sore shoulders.  Wow.  That’s it, that’s my biggest problem today, I am tired and have sore shoulders and cold toes.

The tired will pass, sleeping helps.  The shoulders will relax, sleeping will help that too.  The toes will warm up, slippers are on and the space heater is cranking away.  My “problems”.

There was no chatter in my head today, there were no tears in my coffee.  And there was a lot of coffee.  I continue to confirm with myself that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

I continue to get re-connected with the Mission and to soothe my eyes with the pretty flowers blossoming underneath all the rain fall, to the slick streets, and the wet pavement, to the smell of jasmine, it may be cold but there is something so engulfing when that cold, sweet, jasmine hits your nose, it hurts something in my heart when I smell it.

As I walked to work today, hence the wet feet and cold toes, I do need some galoshes, I fed my eyes with the houses–the Victorians and their paint jobs, the wooden shutters on this one, the cornices on that one, I get to inhabit them all on my way to the shop.

I don’t aspire to be a local celebrity at all, although I like the attention, really, who doesn’t?  I do, however, aspire to being a home owner.  It may seem silly and out dated and perhaps not fiscally wise, but walking through the rain I could see myself nestled in a Victorian, on a cozy wet rainy day.


I am rambling and this blog is inchoate and it’s time to put it to bed.

Tomorrow, drama, boys, dating, sex, excitement, drugs.  I promise.

Tonight, tea, cozy quilts, Project Runway, deep, deep, deep sleep.

Night night.


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