Change Up


My weekend plans have changed again.

I had thought since Stephanie was not coming from Wisconsin I would be having a “normal” weekend here in the city.

I went online and found a place that I can rent a horse from and go horse back riding on the beach.  That’s right, just because I put my ass back on the online dating block does not mean I am going to sit around and wait for some one to take me out on a date.

I can do it just as well.

I found a little stable outside of Daly City,  I believe its located next to Fort Funston?  And I could ride my bike out there or if I am feeling like it I could get a City Car Share and drive over.  The horses rent by the hour and since I have only been on a horse once, when I was fourteen, an hour feels about right.

Then I can take myself on a little date, maybe grab a bowl of soup and a coffee at the Sea Biscuit or at the Java Beach Cafe.  Hell, I might even let myself get lucky.  It’s not like it’s my first date with myself or anything.

Then, I got a flurry of text messages today at work.  It turns out Stephanie will be coming out, but not to San Francisco, unless you count flying out of SFO back to Wisconsin.  Rather, she will be in Sonoma.  I can have her for one day and one evening.  If I can get my ass to Sonoma.

Good thing I got my licensed renewed.  Looks like I will be taking out a City Car Share and taking a drive to Sonoma on Saturday.

Hopefully I can get the day off.  I have not gotten a response back from my General Manager as to whether or not it is possible.  I can’t imagine that I won’t get it, but I am rather in limbo for the moment.

I cannot remember the last time I drove out of the city by myself, oh yes I can!  Shannon and Alex’s wedding in the Santa Cruz mountains–that was actually a pretty nice little drive too.

Almost forgot.

I have never driven to Sonoma, however.  This can be my dry run for Heather and Fred’s wedding in June.  They are getting married in Glen Ellen, which, from what I understand is in Sonoma.

I do not know a lot about Sonoma, it’s wine country.  As a retired wino I don’t really care.  Actually, even when I was drinking, I was no huge fan of wine.  I could describe it really well when I was selling it at the high-end restaurants I worked at, but as far as drinking it, I never really acquired a taste for it.

I was a beer girl.  Beer and vodka and cocaine and cigarettes.  I was going to say the trifecta, but then I realized that I rarely did one without the other or the other or the other.

Which, side bar, the search terms are cracking me up tonight.  On my stats page it shows the search terms used to find my blog–tonight’s hit: “what happens to my anus when I put cocaine in it?”

Answer: you get fucked up.



No thank you.


Anyway, back to Sonoma.  Maybe it will be sunny.  That would rock.  The rain is a bit of a bummer, no bike riding for me.  But the walk to work was lovely and home as well.  The smell of wet jasmine is furiously intoxicating at night, I can’t get enough of it.  Reminds me of Jitterbug Perfume, been a second since I have read any Tom Robbins, my gosh.

Although reading when it’s raining outside is just such a cozy feeling, I have a new Paul Auster novel to rock out, very excited to break into that with a hot cup of tea here in a moment.

Ah, an unexpected road trip!

This could be a lot of fun.  Hell, it will be a lot of fun.  I like to drive.  I am a true American on that one.  I may wander very close to the vegetarian/vegan side of town, I may ride my bike every where, my carbon footprint is fairly smallish, yet, there is a big old part of me that loves to drive, that loves the open road.

Give me some good Steve Miller Band, shaddup, and an open window and a winding road and I am happy.


God, I could actually use a longer road trip than just to Sonoma.  I could use a camping trip too.  Maybe a drive to the Grand Canyon, which I have never seen. Or to Yellow Stone Park, where I have never been.  Or down the coast to Carmel, never been there either.

Or a drive up to the Redwoods and a beach camp out.  I have been to Humble County and seen the redwoods and the Elk and that was pretty fantastic, but it’s been over seven years since I made that drive.

I forget that there are so many things to see outside of the city.  I haven’t owned a car in over nine years.



I would love a car, I am not going to lie, but I don’t see one in my future.

Of course, I have no idea what the future is going to be.  The love of my life could walk into the bike shop tomorrow.

Or not.

I could win the lottery.

Or not.

I suppose, since I don’t play it, the odds on that are probably not so much in my favor.

A road trip.  The pavement unfolding ahead of me.  A stereo turned up loud.  The breeze in my hair, now that I have hair to ruffle.  A sack of apples to nibble on while I drive.  A sparkling bottle of cold water.  A cup of coffee. Stopping at farm stands on the way.  I could definitely get into this.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I get to go.

I can already feel the sun on my arm as it hangs out the window.

Bring on the farmers tan!


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