Slow it Down


My God.

Every time I get on this site there is some new widget, gadget, thingamabob, doohickey, stupidity inducing thing happening.

People, stop.


Just when I am getting the hang of something you have to go in there and change it all up.  I just spent a half an hour downloading three photos that yesterday I was able to do in three minutes.


This goes for you too, FaceCrack.  Stop it.  In the relentless pursuit of keeping things fresh you are fucking it up.

I may go back to the original blog post here soon, incidentally, just come over and read one of my journals.  I’ll make you a cup of tea and let you peer over my shoulder as I write.

No I won’t.

However, I am thinking that I will be letting you, or some special someone’s out there in on the journals.  I am compiling them.  I have been for some time.  I have stacks, heaps, piles of paper in bins, in storage, in boxes.

One day, one day I will go through them and put them together in some semblance or another.  I have a library of self.

Oh goody.

That should make fairly boring reading.

Some one asked me while out on a date what my blog was about.


I have no other interests it appears.  Although I am branching out with the photography.  I ran into Chris Black the other night as I was walking back through the Mission headed home to the bungalow.

I stopped in the middle of the cross walk and whipped out my camera to get a shot of Bernal Hill at dusk from the corner of South Van Ess and 24th.  The sky was glorious.

I did not capture what I saw.  But I did get to see Chris, who was leaned up outside the Jelly Donut smoking a cigarette.  Chris takes photographs and I asked if I could pick his brains some day soon.  I got his number and we may get together for a little photography pow wow in the very near future.

I also took out the camera that we use at work and took a photograph of a complete bike.  I am getting better at seeing how the best photographs are set up.  Even a bicycle can be static or dynamic depending on how the photo is framed.  I get nervous picking up the big Canon it feels like a lot of camera and I don’t know what exactly to do with it.

There is just a ton of stuff to learn.  Like anything else I can get overwhelmed with it.  I am taking this as just a fun thing to go out and do.  A fun way to capture the moment and to show what I am seeing.  I feel compelled to show you what I am seeing and to share with you my experiences.

Perhaps that is a shallow way to be, but I feel best after I have expressed and written and blogged and posted my photos.  I feel like a proud little parent.

Like the writing, the photography is going to take practise and it will happen as long as I show up and do a little each day.

Speaking of showing up and doing the writing, I have me some more writing to do after I get done with the blog tonight.  I have an unexpected meet up with Carolyn and I have some writing that I thought I had until next Thursday to write.  She texted me today and said, hey I can meet this week after all.

Oh shit.

There will be no fun time in WhoVille tonight, town’s closing shop early for inventory.  Time to throw out the old dented cans of pumpkin from last Thanksgiving and let in the sunshine.


Which means of course that I both want to run away and hide underneath my blankets on the bed.  I am rather abashed to say that my 500th post

500th Post!

Is going to be a rather bland little blog-a-log.  I have other writing that I must attend to and I am to distracted to give this guy his fair due.

Fact is, I would not be writing this blog if I was attending to the other kind of writing that I have to do from time to time.

So I bid you a fair adieu and an early eve.

It’s time to whip out the original technology–pen to paper.

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