Thank God it’s Friday


I mean Saturday.

I mean Friday.

It’s my Friday!

And I actually have a full on weekend.  I have two days off in a row, back to back.  I already have Sunday pretty full booked in, but there’s a wee bit of wrangle room in there.  I am holding space for myself on Monday to do the mundane, tomorrow is my fun day.

I will be heading over to the other side of the Bay to Oakland tomorrow to see Jolie.  I have not seen her in years, years!  She and Josh were up in Noe Valley tonight and I got to get in a good catch up session and I will be going over to Lake Merrit tomorrow to do a little speaking engagement and get into the sunshine and out of the fog.

Boy howdy.

That’s right, I said boy howdy, it got foggy tonight.  I knew it was coming.  I could feel it in the air when I rode my bike to work.  I had a pricking in my thumbs.  Basically the recipe is this, two nice days of warm weather equal one shell shocker of a foggy evening.

I don’t know a whole lot about the weather, but I have paid enough attention to it in the last ten years of summers here in San Francisco to sense a pattern.  I think the heat inland pulls the fog in and it always, always, catches you off guard.

It was super sunny when I left the house and it was almost hot as I got on my bike, but I felt a tiny little nip in the air as I was hopping into my pedals, and sure enough, when I turned down 19th off of Folsom I looked over to Twin Peaks and there it was, just a scrim of dirty grey in the air.


It was coming.  I was very happy that I had packed my sweatshirt and jean jacket and a scarf in my bag.  I had plans to hit Noe Valley after work, and despite the two neighborhoods being so close to each other, they really are two separate micro-climates.

Nothing says funny like being a San Franciscan who knows what is about to happen to the poor pod of tourists from the Midwest who are out flip-flopping around in their sandals and tank tops thinking they are in California and it’s going to stay warm.

Not so much.

I rode my bike past a couple shivering their way up 24th street and I actually felt bad for them.  The woman was obviously freezing, light summer dress, no coat, no scarf, bare arms, bare shoulders, flip-flops.  She and her boyfriend were huddled together and I almost hollered out, ‘welcome to San Francisco’.

But I am not that mean.

Work was chill.  Sold two bikes, designed another, did a bunch of invoices, trained the new guy some more and got visits from Mrs. Fishkin and ladybug Eve, who smelled deliciously of cupcakes and, well of Eve.  I could eat her right the hell up.

I also got a visit from Alex and Shannon and



That’s right, motherfuckers, I said, OMG

Check it out:

Shop Cat

La Roux checks out the computer










Seriously.  Stupid cute.  And so tiny.  Alex and Shannon have a new baby.  They also brought me a cup of coffee.  Dude.  My friends seriously rock.

Speaking of friends, I got to see Kevin and Beth tonight, which was a super nice surprise and the best text to get at the end of the day as I was getting ready to leave the shop.  Then, the surprises kept coming, Josh and Jolie, and Mick.


My heart feels good and full and life is smashing.

And Margo.  I got a good check in with Margo and we talked a little shop talk about Kickstarter and my travel project and  making a video with Johnny Carroll.  Which reminds me, I need to get a red and white striped sailor shirt.

I am going to write a spoof on Where’s Waldo.

I need a sailor shirt.

I am going to dork the hell out for this video.  I am almost embarrassed with glee at the stupid fun that I have planned for it.  Hopefully, I can keep it somewhat contained so that Johnny has something to edit.

Sometimes when I think I am being funny, no one else does, and hopefully that’s not the case here, but I almost don’t care if it’s not funny to you, it tickles me to death.

That being said, I actually need to write the script.  This will be my first go at writing a script.  I am not quite sure how, but I will rough it out and I think I know enough people who do know what they are doing that I can get my idea across.

It will be good fun.


Oh yes and that too, but I will walk through it.

It feels so good to be into the weekend that I feel that I must caution myself to just chill it out and not get too over enthused.

Then again, I am actually going to be doing a sound check at The Elbow Room with one of my favorite djs of all time and performing a piece that I wrote with him to a live audience, tomorrow.



I sort of fall in and out of remembering that I am doing that, less than 24 hours from now I will be behind a microphone.


Life is pretty rocking right now.


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