When The Boss is Away…


We have dance party!

Oh, yeah, that’s right, it was dance central at work today.  I joked with Kristin that all we needed were some glow sticks and an in and out stamp for the End Up.  It was that kind of kooky.

I got up, this morning, oh so reluctantly, man bed was cozy and warm.  I wanted to just loll about.  I did not have a snooze set and I was just drifting back down to dream land when a flock of wild parrots zipped past the window with their oh so distinctive gabble of parrot voices.

I roused myself, did my morning rituals and when I was finished with the writing and the prayer and the meditation I pumped up the stereo.

Because what better way to supplement two pots of French press coffee than some Radio Soulwax?

I jammed out all day long to my mix right off my Iphone.  I had it plugged into the computer and fed directly into the store speakers.  I busted a few moves when no one was looking and happily grooved out all day long.

I started out with 2ManyDjs, segued in Alex Roche, French House music, kited back into Kitsune Maison, detoured into G. Love and Special Sauce for some old school lovin’, then meandered over to Moussu T et Le Jovents for some nautical French music–Madame Marseille, then I circled back into the 90s with some Fat Boy Slim, snagging some loose ends up with a little bit of Everything But the Girl, and then I rounded out the day with Five Years of Dirty Bird.

Hot sexy.

The cat would not have been happy, he does not like “techno” but the mice, we were merry.  And frankly, working a Saturday short-staffed, those mice better get some merriment.  Especially if one mouse is running on little sleep from the previous nights excitement and the other mouse, moi, is expected to come in early and work late for Sunday Streets.

Sigh.  Sunday Streets.  But!  Oh, yes, the June Bug is gonna be in the city!  Ugh.  What I would not give for an hour romp with the monkeys at the park.  I am a responsible gal, though, and will be staying at the shop.

I was however, promised a visit from Mrs. Fishkin with the incomparable Eve and I got the word from Mama Grace that lady Juni will be coming by for a shop visit.  I am so excited to see her.  She is probably five feet taller and about ready to start 8th grade, is what it feels like.

I miss her.

I am also hoping for a Reno sighting.  And I will be bringing my camera with me to work to get some photographs of them.

I took no photographs today.  The small window of time that I would have had to do so was eaten up by a late walk in bike build.  He came in at 6:45p.m. to build his bike.

The shop closes at 7p.m.

A design together takes on the fast,an hour, on the average, an hour and a half.  I was had a design together that took almost two hours and I felt like some one had sucked my brain through a straw, spat it on the ground, and stomped on it.

I had to be in Noe Valley at the Starbucks at 24th and Sanchez at 7:30p.m.

At 6:50 we saddled adjusted and confirmed frame measurements.  He had already come in for a test ride and a frame sizing, so that part was easy.  What was not easy was what color frame.

That is always the difficult decision.  I pulled out the three frames closest to the paint colors he was looking at.

6:55p.m.  I tell him, shop closes at 7p.m.  I have to bring in bikes, I am now on my own, close down the store, flush out the rest of the people wandering in, do three quick sales–a light, a lock, and a messenger bag.  Shut the door and get through the rest of the design.

7p.m. Beth sneaks in the shut door, we are riding up to Noe Valley together.  This lights a fire under my ass and I tell the customer I have to be in Noe Valley for an appointment.  I cannot cancel.  We finish now or you come in tomorrow.

I am polite, but firm.  I will not sacrifice my commitments to this job.

I just will not.

And I don’t know how we did it.  I don’t know how it happened, but we built the bike, got all his information in the computer, and I got payment.  He walked out and I threw the computer into its spot, shot down the store, pulled the bikes in, peed, holy crow did I have to pee!  Ran around the store like a chicken with its head cut off, turned off the lights, locked the door, set the alarm, and clocked out at 7:22 p.m.

I made it to the coffee shop at 7:30p.m. on the nose.

Give or take two minutes.

I have no clue how it happened.

I do have some paperwork I will have to address immediately in the morning.  I did not finish it.  I just captured the order in the online system, made sure it was there and put it directly to the front of the line to address in the morning.

Ah, the morning, which is already close at hand, it seems.  Where I will be getting up an hour early to go to work an hour early, to set up for Sunday Streets.

So be it.  I did a good job today.  I sold some bikes.  Two.  I made appointments to sell a couple of more.  Two other customers came in and did walk throughs with me and will be returning specifically to work with me next week to finish up their designs.

And I danced all day long.

Because when the boss is away I like to play

House music.

Dance music.

Shake your ass music.

I sell more bikes that way.



I have been invited to perform again, Friday, June 15th @ Club 222 on Hyde Street deep down in the dirty ol’ Tenderloin.  I will be doing While You Were Sleeping and maybe another piece with Sunshine Jones.  11p.m. to 2p.m.  Come!


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