Get Your Cafe On


Today I did not do a whole lot of nothing.

I did drink a fair amount of coffee.  I did an iced Americano at Ritual, and a jumbo coffee with cinnamon and cream at Muddy Waters on 24th and Valencia–you have to load up their coffee, Muddy’s, with stuff, or it’s rather nasty.

I don’t usually drink coffee at Muddy’s but I was there early and it was just what popped out of my mouth when I was asked what I wanted.

“Jumbo coffee.”

This was preluded by the two pots of French press I had this morning.

I like to get caffeinated.

The iced Americano was probably the best, it was still early enough in the day and warm enough to justify an iced coffee.  Plus, it’s Ritual, so the espresso is quite good.  I  wandered over to Ritual from my house early in the afternoon to work.

Work on my writing.

Man, I did a lot of writing today.  I just rather made the connection.  I had the idea that I just did a lot of walking and wandering.  But I wrote, a lot.

I also got some formatting work done on my book.  I recently got Word for MAC and I put my book into the Word format.  I have no clue if I did it right.  Probably not, but I am trying.

I spell checked the entire thing, far fewer grammatical errors on it than I had thought, a pleasant surprise.  I also double spaced the whole document and I fixed a few other little minor things.

I made an appointment for myself to also return to Ritual next Monday and do some more work on the book.  What ever that looks like.  It does not have to look like anything specific.

I read this awesome little quote yesterday or the day before about how it does not matter how slowly we head toward a goal, as long as there is some movement.  I am poorly para-phrasing, but I got the gist of it–basically, stop having a plan, or a time frame, and just keep going.

Even if it’s slow going, it’s still movement.

I also checked in with John Ater and that was really quite good.  We sat at Muddy’s and I told him about Paris and taking the day off yesterday to go to the beach with Joan and how I am just letting myself live in the moment.

I also told him how I had been sick and how I got to work on self-care.  And that I am not telling work about going to Paris.  It is not any of their business.  I give them a month’s notice and that is all I need to do.

I have to amend that.

John said, give them two weeks.


That is scary.  I so believe that I need to give them more time than that.  I am just that god damn important that they are going to need all sorts of time to prepare for my departure.  Keep it simple and keep it to yourself, Martines, the people who need to know are being informed.

Those that don’t need to know, don’t need to know.

However, John did ask who I had told.  All the important people, those in my lineage and my close friends.  I have not shared with a lot of people, but enough.

Then, he said the scary part.

Make sure that you let people give you a going a way party.

Oh, I am so ahead of you on this, I have it all planned out and it will look like….

No, John said.  You are not in charge of giving yourself a going a way party.

Oh shit.

I have to let some one else do it.  I may ask for assistance, but I am not to do it.

That is so much harder.  Let some one else make the plans?  Let go of control?  Are you trying to make me cry?

Oh wait, it’s John Ater, that’s my job, cry.

I did mist up, but I did not overflow.  A good thing as I wore eyeliner today.  I was not exactly sure that I would be meeting with John, so I actually risked wearing eye makeup.

What if no body comes?

Brain, go home.

That does not matter right yet either.  It’s all just a little early.  But in an effort to see how my life will feel like without a lot of planning, I have been allowing my days to happen a little less unscheduled.

Plus, I had two people cancel on me today, not something that frequently happens, so I had a lot of spare time to hang out.  I walked.  I cafe’d.  I had lunch al fresco, nice big salad and iced tea, while it was still warm enough to justify ice.

Shit. I drank an iced tea today too.  I did get my caffeine on.

It is really lovely, when I let myself in on my own life.  Slow, leisurely, meanders around the neighborhood, taking pictures, posting up to Instagram, hanging out in cafes, writing.

Yeah, pretty nice.

Nary a single complaint about my day at all.



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