I thought that buying the ticket to Paris would change my outlook today.

It did not.

Then I had a couple of conversations with people, via text, via e-mail, and in person, and I realized that I had actively made the decision to go so long ago (or so it feels) that buying the ticket really was not much of a big deal.

Just one more step on the path to Paris.

My challenge right at this moment is to secure a ride to the playa for Burning Man and not spend a god forsaken amount of money-getting prepped.  I am going to miss a weeks worth of work with no pay to go.

No vacation time.  No sick time.  No pay.

That being said, I am more than confident that I will not only have enough money, that money is about to unexpectedly drop into my lap.  I have no idea why that is and since why is not a spiritual question, I will leave it to the universe to surprise me.

I like surprises.

I got to see Brian Kenney today right at the end of the day as two people were wrapping up bike designs and another was doing a bike pick up and I got to give him a great big hug and let him know I was indeed, after all, going to Burning Man.

I suppose Paris will fill a lot more of my brain pan when I actually am not getting prepped for the playa.

I really do not have a whole ton of things to do–I always go rather light–but there are some things that must be gotten.

Baby wipes.

I must have them.  They are my number one essential.  That and lots of clean socks.  There is nothing like having a nice pair of clean socks to put on your feet after a baby wipe down of the soles and a lotioning of the skin.

“It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

I will not have playa foot.  I have never gotten it and when I see people running around without shoes on I get instantaneously icked out. I like my tootsies soft and clean.

Which means, lotion too must be gotten.  Sun block.  Lip balm.  Dust masks and bandanas.

It is going to be a stellar banner dusty ass year out there.  All reports say heavy dust.  I have seen a few pictures and heard a lot of talk about there not being much rain during the rainy season, which means a much greater level of dust out there.

It makes it harder to get around, on bike, especially, and the dust flies. I expect dust storms and white outs.  And white outs are just that, white outs.  Can’t see a foot in front of your face, can’t move your vehicle if you are in a vehicle, can’t breathe for shit, have to wear goggles, have to have a dust mask, have to have a bandana over that dust mask.

You can get lost and it can get serious out there.

There was so little dust last year and nary a white out that I fear for the second year kids.  Any one who was a virgin last year and got to experience the best playa weather I have ever seen, will be caught with their pants down.  It is not going to be like last year.

Hell, there was so much rain last year during the rainy season that even months later there was green plant life in deep playa.  I was amazed to stumble across little plants last year when I was out riding my bike along the perimeter.

I do not think I will see any plant life out there this year.

I am also splurging, in a manner of speaking, and bringing all my pillows with.  I won’t be taking bedding with me to Paris, so if I destroy my nice pillows at the burn I don’t really care.  I am going to want to be as comfy and cozy as possible out there.

I will be back in a tent after having had the luxury of a trailer the last two years.

This reminds me I have to check in with Jennifer about the kind of tent she has.  She read my blog the day before last and texted me that I could borrow her four man tent.  This is perfect, a big tent is really a nice thing to have, but it has to have thick fabric walls or dust will blow right through it.

Heavy canvas tents are the best.  They are also expensive and I do not currently have the cash to drop on any sort of thing like that.  I will be happy with what ever shelter comes my way.


I scored a great hat today from some swag a company interested in having us sponsor them sent.  I got a great trucker cap.  I normally would not even think about wearing a trucker cap, but now having glasses it makes more sense.  I am going to want a good bill over my face, I doubt very much I will be wearing sunglasses as I am wearing my glasses now.

I have already debated having to stash them some place.  Since I don’t foresee sitting in front of a computer for hours on end doing invoices, I may not need them quite so much, but I feel more comfortable wearing them and I do notice a pretty distinct difference when I don’t.

That being said, it may well be challenging if it becomes necessary to break out my goggles.  I have to go unearth them from my box of supplies–which is at Robyn’s house.  I have to get over to her place before the event.  I have two boxes there.  I think only one box is Burning Man gear, but I know I will want it, even if I can’t remember what is in it exactly.

A blue wig.

A pair of goggles.

A hoop skirt.

Fabric flowers and ribbons.

A sleeping bag.

Some other random things.  Mostly I want the goggles, the sleeping bag, and the wig.

The wig is actually really awesome for nights out on the playa when it is cold, it provides an extra layer of warmth to your head.  It gets damn cold out there at night.  Extreme temperatures are a definite fixture of the environment.

None the less, I am excited, exhilarated, and thrilled beyond compare that I get to go again.  It’s going to be really interesting to have a new experience out there when I am not nannying.

I am up for that.

Then I will get excited for Paris when I get back.

Then I will probably freak out.

Until then, off to buy some baby wipes.

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