Boots Baby


The illusive playa boot continues to elude me.

It is the one area where I tell myself every year for every burn that I will finally get a pair of god damn boots that fit me, are cute, comfortable and affordable.

Every year I find myself on the same websites dicking around looking at harness boots, engineer boots, motorcycle boots.

Every year I go back to the same broke down pair of cowboy boots I got at Mission Thrift five years ago.

I would wear them again, but I threw them away after last year burn.  I vowed I would be getting a decent pair, boots that Nancy Sinatra would be damn proud of and are really made for walking.  And as I hear the mounting evidence of the inevitable dust apocalypse out there, I really do want a decent pair.

When to get them and where.

I have been blessed with a large foot print.  Which I find funny, since my actual foot print in ecological terms is relatively small in comparison to the rest of the United States.  I don’t drive a car, have not owned one in nearly ten years, I ride my bike every where, I buy a lot of my clothing at used or vintage stores, I recycle, I compost, I barter, and I trade.

I buy my groceries from a co-op.

But I would really like to get myself a good pair of boots.  I have one nice pair.  But they are just that, a nice pair.  I am debating sacrificing them to the playa gods.  I don’t wear them very often–I got them for the trip I made back to Wisconsin two winters ago.  They are not really my go to shoe.

I feel like they would be ok out there in the dust, but I think I need to find a boot that does not have a heel to it.  If it is as dusty as the reports and I have no reason to believe that I am being mislead on this account, a heeled boot will sink into the playa.  I need a platform or a cowboy, or a flat engineer boot.

Problem is I am a fucking fashionista with big feet.

I keep gravitating back to the Fyre page.  I would love some Frye boots, just without the Fyre price tag.  I waffle between splurging on the foot wear and wondering if it’s worth it as the boots will be destroyed by the dust.

I did find a reasonable pair of cowboy boots by Steve Madden that may end up doing the trick and they are on sale and if I order them in the next day or two I would actually get them before leaving.

That is the other part of the issue here. I am limited on time.

I have two weeks to prep.

Basically this time two weeks from now I will be headed to the playa.  I will be going with Sean my fellow fluffer, and his boyfriend.

I have two weeks to get it all together.  Not like I have a lot to get together, but I do have to work out some issues.  I feel like I am cramped on time, but I know it will all fall together.  Bed gear is set, tent gear is set, ticket is in my wallet, delicious new Burning Man 2012 stickers from Mrs. Fishkin already adorning my water bottle.

Really, what else do I need.

Trucker hat.



I have only so much time I am also willing, or frankly capable, of devoting to this kind of stuff too.  Yes, I know, it is important to take care of my shit out there, but since the basics are really being met, I am left obsessing about silly crap like foot wear.

I do need long socks too.  And lotion.  And it has been requested from two different people that I organize a nail salon party like I did two years ago.  That was really fun.  A bunch of the gals got together at Monkey Butt Mecca and did manicures and pedicures and foot massage and it was just a super chill, rather sweet way to bond.

I would love to do it again.

Stuff like doing your nails is a luxury on playa.  Your hands work so hard that to take the time to do a little vinegar and water soak, cut down your cuticles, rub some lotion on your hands and paint your nails feels like exquisite luxury.

Which reminds me, I do want to get some gardeners hand salve. And some yummy good smelling lotion.  I typically tend toward the coconut aspect of things.  Coconut, chocolate, cinnamon.  I like rich spicy smelling fragrances.  My little way of staying centered is to have a ritual where in I do a whores bath and use a wad of baby wipes and then I lotion myself up.

Add make up and clean socks and some boots and I am ready to tackle the world.  A bandana around my wrist, my goggles, and a tube of lip balm, water bottle, sun block, and a song in my heart.

I am super stoked to be going.  It still feels a little surreal and perhaps it will continue to do so until I am actually there.  I am also still house sitting for Shannon and Alex, so I feel a little in limbo.  I have until Tuesday, then they are back.  I can do some sourcing of the necessities, but being on a bike it doesn’t make any kind of sense to haul stuff up here then back to my place in the Mission.

I am in a holding pattern.

So, I will pause until I am out of it and not spend any money on anything until I am all sorted out.  Besides, I really do need to inventory what I have before I go leaping about spending money that would better be served in France.

I really don’t want to spend money on things that I would only use on playa.

Then  again, if you think living in Paris will stop me from going next year, you are mistaken.  I’ll come back to burn next year, I probably always will, no matter where I am in the world.

Until it is all burned out of my system.

And my boots are well broken in.

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