When Things Fall Into Place


They really fall into place.

Holy cats.

I do not even know exactly where to start.

A brief summation:

Told the boss man I was moving–out of the country, blank stare on his part, repeat, I am moving out of the country, to France.  Paris to be exact.

Got word that a friend is going to go be of enormous service in Chicago and was officially tapped to watch his place for the two months that he will be there.  Which means I will be in Oakland for the last two months before I leave for Paris.

Rent free.

I do not even know how to say  what an amazing relief has been lifted.  I do not have to worry about the time I am missing out of work to go to Burning Man.  I can just go.  I can go and have space to breathe.  I can go and help the person who is driving with gas money.  I can go and not feel like every second I am not working is a tiny bit of money I won’t have when I get back.

Plus, I get to house sit a gorgeous house with, drum roll please, a claw foot tub!  Wood floors, sunshine, and cats, and a garden.  Granted I will have to commute to work.  But I will be able to do that for no rent, for the money I will get to save on not having to pay rent, again, the relief is palpable.

Plus, I will be able to squirrel away a little more for Paris.  I have a little more breathing space.  And I will be paying rent in Paris and I already know it will be more than what I pay here.  So, I will just parlay that money toward my Paris rent.

Just because I have a place to stay in Paris does not mean that I will not be paying my way.  I also saw Barnaby tonight and may very well again tomorrow or in the next few days.  He just got back into town from another jaunt of tattooing and will be leaving for France in the next nine days.

Enough time to co-ordinate anything that needs yet to be coordinated.  Really, not a whole heck of a lot.  I will get some more things here tied up and just continue the preparations for the Burn and for the Paris.

For the Paris.

I told Jefferson today.

It was end of day.  It was end of day on a crazy busy day.  We all really rocked it out.  We all worked really hard.  I sold two crazy gorgeous over the top bikes.  Jefferson juggle double bike fittings and designs and sold a super sexy steed, and Felipe whipped out two bikes as well.  Five bikes, plus one online sale that I coordinated with two e-mails and two phone calls.  Six bikes on the day.  And so many tourists.

I think the tourists have officially landed.

They have landed and they have been informed of the Mission.

I shudder to think how busy we would have been if half the city wasn’t at Outside Lands.  Superlatively grateful to not be working the next two days.  I need a breaky break I do.

I asked Jefferson fifteen minutes before close if I could distract him from the computer or if he was deep in it.  He’s been deep in it all week.  We sold out of two of our frame sizes weeks earlier than we expected, we are being outpaced by the demand and it’s stressful to co-ordinate another frame order with what is happening.

He nodded whilst typing away on the MAC Book.

“I am moving,” I said.

I paused, he sort of gave me a wink of attention.

I took a breath, “I am moving out of the country, Jefferson.”

He looked up at me, hands poised over the key board.

Got your attention.


He cocked his head at me.

“I am moving to Paris, in November, I bought the ticket on Tuesday,” I said and waited for his response.

“You are what?”

I smiled, “I am moving to Paris, I am going, I fly out November 1st at 10:20 a.m.”

He was taking it better than I thought.  I came around the desk and I hugged him, “I am moving to Paris, Papa, don’t kill me.” I squeezed him tight.

He swiveled around in the chair and looked at me wise, and solemn, and all-knowing, “you know, I told Emory that you were moving to France over a year ago, and he said, really?  And I said, yup, she’s going to do it, I just know it.  Then you dropped it, it seemed to fall off the radar, but it was always there, wasn’t it?”

I nodded, I smiled, I grinned, my heart blew up in my chest and my eyes teared up, “yes, I have always had it in my heart, and it fell into my lap and I said yes to the Universe and I bought my ticket Tuesday after I got out of the meeting.”

He stood up and hugged me really hard, “and clocking out, you are no longer an employee,” and he hugged me really, really hard, “I am so proud of you.”

“I love you, Jefferson, I could not have done it without you,” I said.

And it’s true, from the time I met him on stilts at Shadrach’s Decompression party, to the one year party he hosted with Shadrach to celebrate my anniversary, to being my right hand man when Shad died, to asking me to help him and Emo do the restaurant launch, to Burning Man, to the Mission Bicycle Festival, to working at Mission Bicycle, and let me not forget he was the person who told me I should do the AIDS ride and he would do it with me (ok, little poke here, we never trained together not once!), Jefferson has been an amazing presence in my San Francisco life.

I do so love him.

Even when he drives me bats at work, I love him to pieces and bits and back again.  He is my hero.

One of many, don’tcha know.

I also told him that I want to help out the company and I don’t know what it is going to look like when I go and I may fall flat on my face and it might not work, but I have to do it.

He did the same thing once and told me it was the best thing he ever did.

I believe him.

When we leap, when we go forward and follow our dreams, things happen, unexpected miraculous, amazing things happen.

And the story continues to unfold and unwind and it just keeps getting weirder and more wonderful with each unfolding.

God only know what tomorrow will bring.

A day off, that much I do know, and maybe, I might even sleep in.

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