Bucket List


Last night I met the lover at a coffee shop on Valencia Street.

The air was beautiful and folks were out and about noisily enjoying the weather.

And the Giants win.

“It’s gorgeous out, let’s go for a ride,” he said as he adjusted the helmet strap underneath my chin.  I stood still and secretly hoped we would go to one of the places on my bucket list.

“Honey,” John Ater said to me Sunday afternoon, “you only have so much time left, what do you want to do before you go?”

“I don’t know,” I said and I rattled off a bunch of different ideas of things I wanted to do.

“Make a list,” John said, “ten things you want to do before you go.”

Last night after I left the ladies off 25th and Fair Oakes I went to Muddy Waters on Valencia and 24th.  The scene of many of my writing assignments.  It was warm in the coffee-house and I shed my layers around me, pulling up an extra chair to prop my feet up on.

First I wrote some in my note-book.  I knew I would not be posting a blog last night, I was going to be a little busy.

Or getting busy, ahem.

Second I wrote my bucket list.

Third I wrote a sonnet.

The sonnet will wait.  I am at work early hijacking the computer before the shop opens and trying to get my blog posted from yesterday’s events before I open.

The bucket list is relevent, so I shall start with that.

And an aside…who the hell is cyber stalking my blog?  I got an additional 100 reads yesterday and I did not post a blog?  What’s up people?  I have a sneaky idea, since my blog will track the titles of the  blogs read.  Some one I used to nanny for?  I wonder?  I recently reached out to make an amends to one of my former employers and she shot me down, she was too busy and did not want to see me.

Interesting that.

I once again felt regulated to being a second class citizen.  I once again felt like I was some one below her station.

Thanks lady.

So, I politely responded and thought that was the end of it.

Yesterday, I checked my phone before heading into the city on the BART and I noticed an e-mail from her.  Interesting.  She wanted to know why I wanted to see her.  What is also interesting about that is that when I was working with them I did not have the address to my blog attached to my g-mail account and then I put it there about oh, a week after I left working that job.

I do wonder.

Do I care?

Not so much.

Do I think I am going to pause before responding, uh hell yes.

Back to the bucket list.

Top ten things I want to do before I leave.

1. Bonfire at Ocean Beach.

Now I have to say, I am a little romantic, alright, a lot, and really what I want is a date with a bonfire on the beach and some nookie in the sand.

However, I will deign to go out to the beach with a crew of friends and have a little get together.  Right now is a really great time to do it, not too cold out there and relatively clear.  The first time I went to a beach bonfire was shortly after moving here ten years ago with all my room mates from the house on York and 20th.

My most memorable one would be the time I put one together when I was a fellowship co-ordinator and Shadrach and I went out to the beach together with a bunch of friends–Mark Menke, Zefrey, Trisha, Sam, Rebecca, Ryan D. Marco, Asian Ray, there was a crew.  I won’t forget Shadrach slipping me a $20 into my pocket either, I was broke, broke, broke.

2. Go to the MOMA

3. Go to the De Young

4. Take a ride up to Twin Peaks.

Well, I think you have already figured out that I got to do that last night.  That was awesome.  Totally unexpected, and the view was so clear it was spectacular.  The last time I had been to the top of Twin Peaks it was cold and foggy.  We could see from one bridge to the other, the entire sweep of the city, the ball parks, City Hall lit up a pumpkin orange, the water of the bay sparkling like black glass with scattered copper diamonds of light from the shipping yards in Oakland.

And I got a nice kiss or five.


That one is off the list.

5. See the Rudolph Nureyev exhibit

6. Go to Stinson Beach

7. Go to Muir Beach

8. Take a drive down or up the One.

9. One last night out dancing–Mezzanine, Public Works, Mighty, DNA Lounge.

10. Take in the view of the city skyline from Treasure Island.

Fact is I may not get to all those things.  But I did one of them last night and I bet the magic will continue.

And with that, time to open the shop–seven shifts left to go!

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One Response to “Bucket List”

  1. Annette Says:

    Great list! I don’t think I have ever been to a beach bonfire. I must change that!

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