Life in the Fast Lane


Or at least the lane that has FASTtrack.

Oh, I have my hands on a car.

Living the American Dream for a few days.  I have wheels.  My friend loaned me his car today so that I could get a few of the last-minute errands done I needed to do without having to haul around on my bike or use BART.

Such a relief.

I have a suitcase.

I have travel sized toiletries.

I have groceries to last me the next ten days.


I leave in ten days.

Holy cats.

I winnowed out my closet today, taking one last good look through.  Tomorrow, with the assistance of said vehicle I will take my last few things to Buffalo Exchange and sell them off for cash.

I will also return Jennifer’s tent that I used at Burning Man.  Note to self get up and air that puppy out one more time and shake as much dust off as possible.  Despite telling Jennifer a number of times what the playa does to your possessions, I do not believe she quite understands.

I feel a little remiss returning the tent.  I do not know that it will be good for regular camping at this point.  However, I will do my best to shake out the lingering bits.  I am super grateful I do not have to haul that into the city on my bicycle.  That would not make for a pleasant commute.

I am actually not sure how long I will have the car for but as I drove home tonight after a very successful pillaging of Nordestrom’s Rack, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and Rainbow, I got some ideas of how long I would like to have it.

Like forever.

It is a sweet little ride.  Black Audie two door convertible.

Ah yeah.

I am over the moon that I was able to get all the things on my list today off my list today.

Over the moon.

I got the suitcase, a sweater, a scarf, a pair of black cordoroy slacks, socks, underware, bras, all the miniature travel crap you need to travel.  Not that I really need toiletries, I will just buy them when I get to Paris–Monoprix anyone?

But it will be nice to not have to shop for a few days and technically I will be en route for 24 hours.

I leave the morning of November 1st at 10:20 a.m.

I arrive the morning of November 2nd at 8:40 a.m.

I had a mini-stress out over how I was going to get through customs with my suitcase and my bicycle yesterday while still in the throes of my illness.

I don’t have to know, now do I?

It will happen.

I will take the train and then I will take the Metro.  And if the box is to unwieldy I can just get a cab.  I will make it to Barnaby’s place just fine.

I mean my place.

Holy cats, I say it again!

My place.

My mom reminded me to send her my Paris address as soon as I have it.  I need to shoot an e-mail off to Barnaby requesting just that.  I know it is Rue Crespin du Gast and I know that it is in the 11th Arrondisement, but aside from that I do not know specifics.  I believe it is in the 700s, and I need a little more information if my mom is going to send me a birthday card this year to my house.

To my house!

In Paris!

I am moving to Paris.


Buying the little travel size toiletries then buying the suitcase, really nailed it down.  I am going and I am going soon.

Two days left at work.


Then off to new endeavors.

But before I go, some saying good byes.

When my friend picked me up from BART this early afternoon I got nostalgic as we were driving up and over Nob Hill to where his other car was parked.  The view from the top of Sacramento Street.  The lanterns swinging in China Town.  The view toward the Golden Gate Bridge–Angel Island and Alcatraz gleaming in the blue of the bay–I got misty eyed.

I told my friend I would get it all done today and return his car tomorrow.

He said, no worries, and we’ll figure it out.  Use it as long as you need it.

I may need it to say good-bye to a few spots.

I may.

I almost pulled over tonight on the way back across the Bay Bridge to make that stop I talked about in my Bucket List blog, Treasure Island.

The night is clear, the view would be spectacular, but I also was running a little later than I had originally planned.  I ran into Matt tonight and we hung out and then fellowshipped and had great big huge salads with friends and since I had a vehicle we popped over to Rainbow and did some grocery shopping–he lives in the neighborhood, but it was really nice to extend a ride to him–considering just how many times he has helped me move!

So I skipped the turn off, but I will go see it soon.  Whether in this vehicle or another, it is not so important, I know it will happen.

It is lovely getting to have this perspective before I go.

Sad yes, painful, a little, lovely, yes, golden and sumptuous, and sad and divine.

Love finding me when I finally let myself have it.

Matt played me a song tonight in the car that a friend of his played for him–it was about true love and how it will always find you in the end.

Because we forget that it is searching for us as well, it is when we stop hunting, stop living life in the fast lane, slow down, embrace what is front of you, and leap knowing you don’t know what is on the other side, love will find you.

Love will catch you.

And together you will fly.

With brand new carry on luggage.

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