At Any Point


This could all go down in flames.

The blog, that is.

Day four of this cold.  Back into bed, not really much out of it, not really much to contribute, I dare say there are few folks out there in need of a Downton Abbey synapses.

That is how I have been.

The expat in Paris watching British telly.

Don’t tell anyone, ok?

My adventures today have been to walk a few blocks.

A hot shower was taken.

A lot of hot tea was drunk.

That was the walk, I went to the Bio store.  Or as this one is called le marche Natriuelle.

As opposed to the “fake”foods stores and markets I have been going to.  They are small organic markets around some of the nicer neighborhoods.  I have little to do there as they are typically over priced and despite being organic in nature, the quality seems off.

But then, I was spoiled to death by being so close to Rainbow Foods in San Francisco.

I am lucky to get a selection of three shelves of tea, let alone an entire aisle.  I do miss my tea a bit.  I could indulge, and I may when I find some work, in les Freres Marriage, which is what I would choose, but my, it is tres chere.

Do not bother looking for work when you are sick, it will only make the illness worse.

In case you were wondering.

The bio stores do have a slight bit better tea selection and I stumbled on one weeks ago when I was exploring that has a tea I would not bother drinking much of in the states, but here, is nectar of the Gods.

Since I am on day four of sick I wanted to spruce up the tea-cup a bit and I figured a walk down the hill and around the corner was not a bad idea.  Plus I had a letter to drop in the mail to the moms and I wanted some air.

Not as much as yesterday, I do here admit, get it will you can, that I was wrong in riding the bike yesterday.  I was out too long, pushed too much and I am feeling the brunt of it today.

Damn bike ride should not take it out of me.

It did.

I have done, to quote the infamous Jimmy, “sweet fuck all today,” and I am not beating myself up about it.  The cold has beaten me into submission.

I am glad for the shower, is too bad, and funny in away, finally, after weeks of being here my hair is back to some semblance of nice–the water is hard as rocks and it took a bit to figure out how to take care of it, I have the best hair today I have had since being here.

The hair is not going anywhere tonight.  Commitments on the Right Bank have been covered.  I miss the company of folks though, I do.

I just sort of wilted after making the run, walk really, slow, muddled, cotton headed, walk to the bio store for the box of tea and the corner market for some grapefruit juice and a carton of tissue.

In the overarching plan of things I had my plans snatched away.

It is rather like being in a weird bubble where my only contact with the outside world is via facecrack and that, my friends, is not a reality I want to live in, that is not reality period.

It is amusing sometimes, but not real, I assure you.

Despite that, I will post my blog up there post-haste as soon as I spell check it and look over any glaring faults.

Really, the only glaring thing is whether or not I will finish this with any grace.

I haven’t much at the moment.

I do have a bed, a cozy pair of slippers, and nasal congestion to keep me company.  Been awhile since I had a cold where in I actually sneezed.

Oh, I am going down kids, this is where I call it.

More tomorrow, I promise, real writing, real adventures, real stuff to sink  your wee bairn teeth inta, I promise.

Oh, alright, I will lay off the Downton Abbey too.

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