Christmas Eve in the City


Paris, that is.


What a day.

I got to play tour guide.  It was amazing, all that getting lost totally paid off.  Kellie and I strolled down the Champs Elysees, walked along the Seine, went to Place de la Concorde, The American Church, the Tuileries, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Pompidou, Hotel de Ville, a Christmas party in the Montmartre, and ended up at Sacre Couer for Christmas Eve midnight mass.

I am tired just typing that.

I am actually exhilarated and wide awake.

It is 2:15 a.m. Paris time and I need to write my blog and I still want to stay up and watch a White Christmas.

I need me a little Bing Crosby to fluff out my Christmas time.

Good Lord.

I just realized I still have all of Christmas day to get through.

Christmas is still here.

There is still another day of cheer to go.

I am alright with that.  I have been having a wonderful time with my friend.  Showing her the sights, enjoying being a tourist myself, taking lots of photographs.

Although, I threw up a little in my mouth when I realized I had taken over 170 shots today and had to go through and edit them all.

I got some amazing shots of Kellie, she is smashingly photogenic.



And a great sport about all the constant taking out of my camera.

It was nice to really play tourist.

To get down and dirty with the visitors.  Really go there.

We walked along the Champs Elysees after a really nice visit to the American Church on George V.

Down the long cobbled street and through the masses of visitors to the Christmas Village.

Then along Place de la Concorde, where the winsome Kellie dug into the most tasty of treats–a fresh made Nutella and banana crepe.

“Is there chocolate on my face?”  She asked me.

Yes, but, it’s cute, let’s leave it there.

We went through the side of the Tuileries and I showed her the Orangerie.  I was tempted to stop and go in, the line was the shortest I had ever seen.  We decided to ramble forward though, there was not much time to take in the interiors of any of the museums we went to today.

Although, we did go to walk around the Louvre, just walking around the Louvre is an experience.



We took turns posing for the camera.









It was fun having a companion to capture a few shots of me as well.  I got into the moment and donned the tourist cap.

Courtyard of the Louvre

Carmen in the Courtyard

There were so many places I wanted to take her and one destination bled into the other.

Bridge of Love

Bridge of Love

It was truly a full day when I look through the photographs.  There are so many that I want to put up.


However, there is also the time and I have many words yet to type.

Focus on the writing.

You can always check out the photographs I posted earlier here as I post up my photographs before I write my Auntie Bubba blog.


There is so much I want to do right now and so very little time to do it.

I want to not be up too much later, not exactly from the stand point that I need to do a lot tomorrow, but I do have a guest, who went to bed already, and I do have a schedule that I would like to keep some semblance of…

Oh, who the hell am I kidding.

I am not going to bed anytime soon.  Might as well just roll with what is happening.

It is Christmas.

It is a time to reflect.

I shared a small moment with my friend John tonight at Natasha’s Christmas Eve soiree–where Kellie and I ended, well, not quite, I would say we ended with Midnight Mass at Sacre Couer, our Christmas Eve walk about.

John was taking a breath from the bounty of Christmas goodies and having a nice European salad to cleanse the palate before jumping back in and the conversation landed on the Christmas tree.

He and his room-mate had gone in and gotten one.

I had a moment or two of regret for not getting one, it would have been lovely and I do hereby vow to get one next year, but I did get to have my Christmas tree moment.

As did John.

We both shared about that sacred moment, usually when one is by themselves, in the dark, with just the lights of the Christmas tree on and the moment, the soft, warm, gentle moment where time folds upon itself and all Christmases come together and there is that breath of nostalgia wrapped in love and the glow of the lights and the smell of the evergreen and you take a deep breath and all is perfection.

He got his moment last night.

And I had mine in the nave of the American Church.

I had stayed behind earlier this afternoon to look at the organ behind the nave and I came out of using the facilities and no one was in the vestry.

Just me and the large Christmas tree in the dark of the church glowing with white lights and strung with red and green construction paper garlands.

I was completely transported.

It was good.

So very good.

As was the party tonight.  I have made some wonderful new friends here in Paris.



John and I

John and I









Really, such a blessing, to have friends about me, in a new city with new challenges and adventures and struggles.

Friends to help me and friends I get to help.

I am still so tickled that Kellie thinks I am a good tour guide, it felt really nice to be able to share my experience of getting about the city.  I am still chuckling about how Sarah said I knew the city better than she and she has been here two years.

Christmas Eve Love

Holiday Cheer

There was so much love and laughter and silliness, I felt at home smashed between the Johns and was super grateful that I got to be a little part of the festivities.

Deux Johns

John and John and I




And I got to go to Sacre Couer for midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

With a large group of friends.

I had no idea that everyone was going to want to come.  When I imagined it, I imagined going by myself.

You think I would have figured this out by now, I am never alone.  No, I am surrounded with love.

On the steps

On the steps

The church was overflowing with people.  We walked in, grouped together, from all over the world.

I was surrounded.

And the choir opened with Silent Night in French.

The tears fell and I raised my face to the cathedral dome spanning high above me, closed my eyes and let myself be washed in love, song, friends surrounding me on all sides.

Merry Christmas my friends, family, and fellows.

Peace and prosperity.

Serenity and grace.




May you be blessed with that same knowledge this Christmas Eve, you, just like I, are never alone.







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