Whole Lot of Nothing


I did not get out and about much today.

I went to bed late last night, slept in, and stayed in until I had to leave for the babysitting gig in the 7th.

Which I got to early and took a little walk around the neighborhood.

The sun had broken through, the temperature was warmer, and it was nice to be out of the house.

That is not to say that I did not do anything.

I did plenty.

How to make washing your clothes exciting for your daily blog?

Let’s try-handwashing!

Yeah, that’s right, the washing machine and the stove blown fuse have not been fixed yet.  After recycling yesterday’s pair of socks, I figured, it was cold, my feet weren’t sweating, I could not stand it any longer.

I broke out the bucket in the sink and I washed all my laundry by hand.

Then I got into it.

I scrubbed the kitchen, swept, cleaned the stove, took out the trash, hell, I even cleaned the toilet and scrubbed the sink in the bathroom.

I put on some music and I sang some.

I probably annoyed the hell out of my room-mate.

However, I will say, he was probably not going to say anything to stop me.

I know I would put up with some one singing off-key if they were scrubbing the stove and mopping the floor.

Sing it.

That’s about all I did, though, once the hand washing was washed and hung to dry and the kitchen scoured and the lunch made and eaten, it was time to head off to the 7th for my gig.

Having caught every train right on time, as though to make up for the lost time I waited on the train station platform last night, I made it to the neighborhood twenty minutes early.

I decide to explore the church that the Metro stop is named for: Francois-Xavier.







I took some photographs from outside and decided I had enough time to go in and explore for a moment or two.


St. Francois-Xavier

St. Francois-Xavier

There was a crowd of people at the front, it was a wedding!

I suddenly realized as I heard the words intoned, in French, for “is there anyone with cause who can say this man and woman should not be united in holy matrimony?”

I had a brief, terrifying moment, where I almost shouted out something.

Mostly because I was thrilled that I understood what was being said.

I stifled the impulse and snuck back out the door.

Later, I told the five-year old girl A. that I had seen the end of a wedding and heard the church bells chime once they had been declared husband and wife.

We were heading back from the park, having enjoyed an interlude of Chinese jump rope and sand castle building, after being asked by the park guardian to exit.

They actually have people who go around and lock the park gates when they are closed.

It still amazes me that.

And there they were, husband and wife, in the park, having their photographs taken.

“Look!”  I said to A.

She was thrilled, “the bride, the bride!”

A. is a bit of a fashionista.

She even told me that the big tent in front of Invalides was a tent for a fashion show.

I wonder who is showing.

I know that there has been a lot of recent activity and the Spring collections are coming out.

I may not be attending any now, but I can say I was in Paris during the fashion shows for Spring collections.

I can also go back to that simple saying that Jim gave me when I was having a horrid bout of home sick.

“Just end everything with, ‘in Paris,’ it makes it sound just that much better,” he told me.


Even, I scrubbed a toilet, in Paris, sounds better than, ‘I scrubbed a toilet.’

The next few days will be filled with more of the baby sitting and such.

Tomorrow I will be off to Courbevoie, which Corinne has told me is quite fancy pants, for an interview with a mom and a six-year-old girl for Wednesdays.  The gig pays 11 Euro an hour and is for 9 hours every Wednesday.

That is almost rent.

Bring it.

I will be meeting them by the Carousel by La Defense.

I have not seen said carousel, I am excited to see another.

I rather like the carousels, they are dear to me and magical.

Then Monday, I am off to Asniers Sur Seine.  Their new nanny is not available.  I am not really too interested, but as I have nothing else happening that day, and no steady source of income yet, I will take whatever I can get.

Tuesday I will head back to the suburbs to help mama out with baby again, of course this is not paid, but it is love, love, love, and service and is really good for me, gets me out of the head and into helping and that’s where I need to go, a lot.

Aside from these gigs, I will write.

I will cold query.

I will submit.

I will start to compulsively check my bank account for money.


I have already started doing that.

I found out my California state tax refund was successfully filed.

I am not getting back a lot from it, but I am getting back enough to hold off the dragons for another day.

The IRS doesn’t accept filed returns until the 30th.

I have no idea how long that will take to go through.

Though, if memory serves it won’t be too long.

Maybe a few weeks.

I will have money coming in.

I will pay rent.

I will continue to write, work, walk.

In Paris.

Even when I am doing a whole lot of nothing.

It is stil doing something.

In Paris.

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