Lovely Day


When I wake up in the morning love, and the sun light hurts my eyes….

Which it does not often.

I live in an interior room, this is great for there not being any street noise, it is quite quiet in the apartment, it just does not get a lot of light.

So, when I was sitting across the table from a lady bug this afternoon I was stunned to see a patch of bright white on the floor.

“Oh my God,” I said jumping up quickly, “is that what I think it is?”

I strode over to the window in the small kitchen and craned my neck out the window, and, yes, there, a patch of blue in the bluster of grey clouds scattered over heard.

As I watched, another patch, then another, then, the sun spun down and my mind was immediately made up.

Off to the gardens.

Yesterday I had thought about going to the Jardin des Plantes in the 5th arrondissement, but the rain, the bookstore not being open, my own muddling about, I never got it together.

Here, now, sunshine, get out in it.

When the forecast says rain for the entire week it is very important, at least for this seasonally (diagnosed, thank you very much) depressed person.

I need light on my face, on my skin, all over my body as much as possible.

I also need to exercise and walking in a garden, in Paris, in the sunlight, after the rain?

You do not need to twist my arm.

Off to the garden!

Jardin des Plantes

Jardin des Plantes

I was so happy.

The sun was warm on my back, the sage was blooming, it smelled divine.

It was Jerusalem Sage, according to the sign.

The bees were out.

Not much to pollinate, but there were a few blossoms about.

Bee House

Bee House


The bee house was so adorable I wanted to climb over and open the door and see if maybe there were wee small beds with bright red wooden pillars and blue blankets and white pillows lined up in a row.  The whole garden was like a fairy tale.

The little menagerie, the solarium, the herb garden, labyrinth.

I ended up walking the entire periphery of the park and then strolling up and down the avenues of trees.

Tree Avenue


I ended with a spin around the small zoo, le menagerie and quite unexpectedly came across a group of wallabies!










I just leaned against the fence and stared.

The sun warmed my face.

I sighed in contentment.

My eyes happy.

I feel like the gardens in the city are like icing on the cake here in Paris.  The buildings and sculpture are so elegantly counterbalanced with the trees and the spread of green grass.  Some times I need a break from the imposing beauty and the ornate.

A tree, green with moss, spread against the blue sky, eases my eyes, and soothes me.



I floated out of the park.

I decided I was up for a walk.

I strolled down toward the Seine and I walked the Right Bank from the garden to the 7th arrondissement.

I popped up from the river walk to hop to a cafe and borrow the bathroom.

I was going to stay, but I was in the St. Germaine neighborhood and when I saw the cost of a single espresso was 3.30 Euro, I was out.

Besides the five-minute wait for a waiter to approach did me in.

I don’t like to pee and dash, but that is exactly what I did.

I prowled down the boulevard, I pulled an apple out of my bag and I just about spit it out when I nearly bumped into Karl Lagerfeld.

Apple in my mouth, fumbling for my Iphone, I blushed 8 shades of red when his assistant smiled at my recognition.

I may be wearing tattered Converse and a torn up blue jean mini-skirt with black tights and a plaid shirt, but I am a fashionista at heart.

Karl Lagerfeld!

He is tiny and thin, thin, thin.

I remember when he had not been.

When it looked like he was sneaking out to the Patissierie and eating puff pastry lathered with butter, dusted in sugar to dunk in bowls of chocolate chaude with whipped cream.

Not that way any longer.

I bet he just sneaks to the bathroom now.

And the white signature pony tail pulled back and the large black Chanel sunglasses.

I love you Karl.

I said it quietly, under my breath, in between trying to swallow the bite of apple in my mouth and snapping a shot of his back as he walked away.

As though I was not already filled with sunshine and benevolence.

Paris, you trollope.

Seducing me with soft warm sun and Chanel icon sightings.

I walked along Avenue de l’Universitie and headed to the cafe/tabac in the 7th where I always run into a friend or two.

I sat down, had a creme that was in my price range, and opened up the notebook.

I wrote.

Then I sat and read.

Then a meander to the American Church and a looky Lou at the bulletin board.

No postings that would have made sense to me, so I just went in to punch the time card at my real job.

Came home.

Ate some dinner.

Revelled in my life and the simplicity of a walk in the garden, a cafe, a notebook, book, pen, a clean meal, and a mug of tea.

All done in Paris.

Then I reflected on what Maggie told me today, “your first year in Paris is yours, your second year is for love.”

I believe she may be spot on.

Right now, Paris and I are having our own love affair.

I will make room for some one soon, but maybe first another walk through the gardens.

Seed Pods

Seed Pods-Jardin des Plantes











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