Getting to Know You


Howdy neighbor.

I ran into a lot of folks I know today.

I was on both sides of the Bay and got to see my Burning Man community over lap with my Oakland and San Francisco fellowship and my bicycling community.

I saw loads of folks.

Did my heart good.

I saw folks at the bike shop–Carlos, Felipe, Jefferson, oh my.

I saw folks on the street–hi!  I don’t remember your name, but I remember the color of the bicycle you built and your cute dog’s name is Peanut.

Hey, that’s Tor Weeks, hey Tor!  I love that print you do.

I saw the lady at the grocery store who always calls me honey, I like to grab a little lunch when I am in that neck of the woods at her market, today it was cherries, cashews, a banana, and then off to Four Barrel.

I have hit all the good coffee spots since I have been back–Philz, Ritual, Four Barrel–now I need to grab a Sightglass and maybe a Blue Bottle.

I saw a friendly face at Buffalo Xchange–where have you been?



I turned down 14th street without thinking and decided to make a pit stop at Rainbow.  I dithered, Berkeley Bowl or Rainbow?  Oh, you’re here, just get it in.

Hugs from Grant!


Soy yogurt, a pear, Squirrel bread (seed bread that is not ground into flour that actually tastes like bread, yeah, I’m not only a burgeoning vegan I don’t eat flour or sugar either–which will play into later parts of this blog, just wait), flax milk, organic tomatoes, a Japanese sweet potato, a gal can’t have too many of those hanging out, a beautiful Bartlett pear, organic as well, and some tasty late crop organic Fuji apples.

Thanks Rainbow!

Nice to see you again too.

Then back on the BART to the East Bay.

Hey, came the text as I popped the Japanese sweet potato into the oven (man it is so nice to have access to ovens, I am good with not having to cook on a hot plate, can I just say) and got the pup ready to go out for a long walk, you know you’re invited over today.


Oh damn.

Am I supposed to be working?


Happy Birthday/house-warming party at the nanny gig next door with all sorts of Burning Man peeps.



That was what my friend’s message was about, I couldn’t make out the full message as I was listening to it through the hum of the MUNI line rumbling overhead as I waited for the BART train to pull into the station.

Are you coming to the BBQ I texted her back.




I am house sitting next door.

See you soon.

Walk the dog, feed the dog, pick up the dog poo, feed the cat, pull the laundry out of the dryer, change the sheets, pull hair up, brush teeth, gather crap, and go, next door.


So good to see you!

You know I followed you on Facebook and read your blog.


You did?


I didn’t really say anything, but lady, you are about one of ten people I actually checked in on and looked at you photos, and yes, read your blog.

You did!?

No way.

Yes way.

Beyond flattered.

Oh hey, you, yes, you, thanks for the heads up on the job, I got it.

I know!

I told them as soon as I saw that you were coming back to the Bay that they should get a hold of you.

Thank you!

And did you know I am now working with the other families too?

Yup, cuz I told them too.


I owe you a dinner out or something.

Nope, just stay put, ok?


Hey, came the text what are you doing tonight, Joanie pie said.

Oh, lady, I was planning on being at this bbq for a bit then maybe a mosey over to 6300 Shattuck Ave.

Good!  Because so am I.


No way, can I catch a ride.


Hustle out the door, say my good byes to the party.

“Hey just let us know if the party gets too loud,” the mom said as I got my stuff together.

I smiled, “no worries, you know I go to that crazy thing they call Burning Man, I can sleep through anything”.

Run next door, take off the flip-flops put on the Chucks and back out the door to wave down my ride.

“LADY!” Sidney Erthal, amazing photographer I met at  Media Mecca last year at Burning Man, “so glad you are back,” hugs are exchanged, he heads into the BBQ I hail my ride.

“You live here now?”  She asked with delight in her eyes, I nodded.


I live here now.

Hey, what are we doing now? Another friend asks as we huddle together exchanging hugs and hello’s and how are you’s.

Everybody is headed over to Saturn.


Gaggle of people, menus, Saturn is like Sparky’s diner in SF except that everything is vegetarian!  And 3/4s of the food can be made vegan and, and, and GF–gluten-free.  Of course I had already had dinner, but hey, nice to know I got some options.

What the hell?



I sprang up over the booth and ran to hug my Burning Man friends–who just happened to be coming in from the Oakland Cat Video Festival–to have vegan nachos.

Pull up a chair, let’s catch up.

Well see I met her when she was visiting Paris at Christmas time and she lives in Rome and I knew her room-mate from law school who happened to be in med school and I met her at Burning Man, so she invited me to Rome and then my friends sent me money and voila!



I live here.

It’s nice to know I’m home.

“Just let me know kid,” he said with a smile, “I’ll get you connected.”

Thank for the offer, I am sure I will take you up on it.

Although it appears that I may not need to.

Home, here, in Oakland.

Happy Saturday serendipity!

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