Hump Day Indeed



Almost through this weird week.

Although I am not really, I still am at the house sit in Cole Valley/nanny gig.  BART why fore art thou deserted me?

On the up side I now have had a bit of a dry run with the family and I got a taste of what living on playa will be like, although I am sure it will still be different.

The man burns in 60 days!


I got an updated e-mail in my messages today about all stuff Burning Man and that was one of the notes on it and I just about passed out.

It is at the same time not soon enough and far too soon.

I don’t have a ton of prep to do but it weighs on the mind and there are things that I do need to attend to and 60 days goes by quickly.

You thought this blog was going to be about sex, didn’t you.

Hump day.

I actually could not remember what day of the week it was today on a number of occasions.

They have all just blurred and melted into one another.

I got the keys to the next house sit, they were sweet as pie and dropped them off to me here in Cole Valley.  And my friend sent me a text from the Farmer’s Market asking me what he should stock the kitchen with.

I love me my friends.

I do.

On the other hand I tried to bite off a little more than I could chew today and took the two charges to the Whole Foods on Haight.

The parents have been out-of-town for the last bit, hence the house sitting (apropos of nothing, an aside, a darling lady told me yesterday, “you use big words” I realized I just used hence in a sentence, it just sort of popped out of my head, I wonder if I have used hence in an actual conversation, knowing myself I probably have, and a lot of profanity with it, hence, to fuck off.) and the cupboards were not bare, but they could use some stocking.

So off to the grocery store I went.

Which was not a pleasant experience.

The double stroller that I was using is not a practical double stroller.

If I am walking in a straight line, it’s ok, but if I need to make any kind of turn, it sucks.  It has a very stiff turning circumference, it reminded me of driving a car without power steering.

The Whole Foods in the Haight is a smallish store as well and full of tourists headed off to Golden Gate Park and locals getting their shop on.

I had planned on going to the store earlier, but nap time schedule did not allow for it.

When I got there, after unfolding the double stroller, the one perk of it, it folds in half (unfortunately it is challenging to unfold and I banged it my ankle so hard against it that I saw white.  Add to that the horribly stubbed, nearly broken–not exaggerating–toe I got yesterday and it’s been a painful week here in Cole Valley) it was nearly commuter time dinner hour shopping and the aisles were packed.

I got yelled at by a snotty check out kid, who, granted did not see the double stroller, he was busy waving down the next person in line.

I got to say I find it amusing that Whole Foods actually has someone who monitors the line and referees people.

“No!  Excuse me, miss, she was in line first,” the guy in the queue directing traffic nearly yanked the yoga mat out from under this woman’s arm.

“Thanks,” I said and pushed the stroller precariously loaded down with groceries for the house, two toddlers, one over packed diaper bag, and a waning supply of patience to the next check out person.

In no particular order, the guy at the register ahead of me was insulting, as I was blocking the line with the double stroller, the cashier triple charged me for something, the baby in the back threw over the brand new hat that grandma had given him from vacation in Canada and  the little girl pillage the soy teriyake fake jerky that was piled next to the register.

I got them out, got the groceries, donated my bag credit, all good Samaritan like, and strong armed the stroller out the door.

Only to discover the hat was missing about half way back to the house.

The conversation the mom had with me about the other nanny, who is phasing out, and I will be replacing, and how she lost the babies quilt on a walk rang through my head.


I had to wheel the 16 wheeler back to the store, back through the fog of pot smoke (god damn is it always this smokey in the Haight?) and into the maw of the store again.

The hat had been turned in!

I was not a bad nanny.

Not that you are a bad nanny when you have juggled two children all day, grocery shopped, and made roasted squash, cauliflower, and zucchini for the family.

Or did not drop the baby when you couldn’t open the stroller and instead banged it not once but twice on your ankle.

Or did not drop the baby when you smash your foot so hard into the bottom step, wooden step with mean pointy cornice, that you break the skin, it swells up, looks mean and bruised and you are now wearing a Hello Kitty band-aid on it.

It was Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse.

You know what the choice had to be.

It’s been a long week.

I am working tomorrow–the family is Canadian–what Fourth of July?

But I said I would and I am here in the city any how, hell I am in their house, so whatever.

Then Friday.

Sometime tomorrow after the nanny’ing is done I will transition to the Castro.

I don’t think the mom needs me for the whole day and I want to scoot sooner rather than later.  I am also kind of hoping to actually not work Friday, I feel in need of a break.

Either way, one more evening here, then onto the next place.

When I finally do move into my own place I am not going to know how to act.

Until then, just taking it moment to moment.

And trying to not bash myself on anything else tonight.


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